Youtube Red review- Remove Ads from Youtube Videos

Youtube has recently launched Youtube Red service to provide paid services to Youtube customer. I am going to review Youtube Red services in this post and will give you an overview of the features and what it has for Videomaker and Youtube video viewer.

As you know Youtube is a video sharing site which is used to upload and share videos to the world. It is a free service for video makers and viewers. For Video makers, it provides a platform to host and earn profit share from their videos and viewers watch videos free of cost from Youtube with the advertisement. And so when ready to buy views check out marketing heaven for real views rather than unethical generated traffic provided by other companies which could land you in trouble.

What is Youtube Red?

This is the latest service launched by Youtube which is a paid service to access Youtube with no advertisement and some other new features. This service is presently available at the US locations only. Here is an intro video from Youtube designed using this intro maker:

Let me explain its feature in detail: No ads – When you open Youtube, you can see the different type of ads like rollover ads, ads before the start, middle, or end of the video, banner ads, overlay ads. When a user clicks or views these ads, Youtube shares the revenue with the video maker.

video ads (1)
Youtube Video ad Example

Youtube Red will take these ads off from your video by paying $9.99 per month. In short you can pay $9.99 a month and watch ads free videos on all device including tablet, smartphone and PC.

Save Videos offline – With Youtube Red, you can save videos offline to your Phone, PC or tablet and watch later without Internet connection. It can be useful when you travel or places where you do not have an Internet connection. Offline videos can be viewed offline to up to 30 days.

Background Play – Normally when you play Youtube videos on the smartphone, you cannot use background apps. With Youtube, this restriction has been removed and you can use background app while your video will continue playing. Here is a video review of Youtube Red:

Youtube Music – Youtube Music apps comes free with Youtube Red membership.It has the collection of one of the largest music videos. Youtube Red subscription will let you use it ad free.

Currently supported devices for Youtube Red – 

  • Chromecast
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Game consoles: Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Playstation 3
  • Roku (LT, 1, 2, 2 HD, 2 XD, 2 XS, 3, Streaming Stick, Roku TV)
  • Other supported Smart TVs


Advantage of Youtube Red as a video viewer:

  • With payment of $9.99/month, unlimited access to Youtube videos without ads
  • Offline video viewing
  • Background Youtube play on Youtube apps
  • Access to ad-free youtube music



Advantage of Youtube Red as a video maker:

This is a common concern among Youtube video maker that If Google provides ad-free videos, then they may not get enough revenue for that video. It is totally incorrect.

Google will share this membership fees with video makers on per use basis. So even if a user will see the video ad-free, the maker of the video will get his share from membership fees.

They will be able to reach to a wider audience as people loves to watch ad-free services with a little payment.

Should you buy it?

In my opinion, If you watch more than 10 videos a day on Youtube, you can go for the paid service. Also,  Google nowadays increased the ad up to 30 seconds sometimes at the start of the videos, so ad-free viewing is a great experience.

It can also be very useful for people who love to stream videos from Youtube apps to TV like using Chromecast. Also, if you watch Youtube videos on the go on your phone, background app is a useful feature.

Youtube music is already very popular for music lover audience, so making it ad free it is a great step for all music lovers.

Is there any negative points – 

Yes everything new things has some negative or hidden facts, Youtube Red also has:

  • Google promised that it will not affect Video publisher revenue, but time will only tell the impact to video makers by this move
  • Not available to outside US locations
  • $9.99/month charge is little higher, I was expecting it to be around $5.
  • Offline video saving is only for 30 days and not lifelong. So in case you want your videos for longer time, you have to download it again and have to continue membership services
  • One payment will work fine for one account. So in a family if everyone wants this feature, they have to pay $9.99 separately.
  • Apps are available for IOS and Android only

Conclusion – Overall I would say it is a great move by Google for Youtube lovers. With a little amount, you can watch unlimited videos ad free on the Youtube. This is a normal practice by Google, which provides free services at the beginning with ads and later on charges fees to remove ads.

In my opinion, you should try Youtube Red once to get rid of annoying and boring ads.



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