WpRocket Review – How I Speed Up My WordPress Blog Speed

Blog Speed or Performance is very important for your blog. I am going to review Wprocket in this blog. Wprocket is a WordPress cache plugin.


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Why Speed is Important For your WordPress Blog

70% of the user will leave your blog if your page loading is more than 5 seconds. You will also have fewer chances to get returned users.

This post will help your WordPress blog to load faster using Wprocket cache plugin.

Slow WordPress blog means the loss in sales, fewer visitors, lost in trust among readers. You need to focus on constantly about how to improve your WordPress blog speed.

Some Facts About WordPress Blog Speed

  • Visitors demand for page load has been increased drastically from 8 seconds in 1999 to 2 seconds in 2018
  • 25% Of the users will live your site if your blog's speed isless than 2 seconds
  • 1 second delay will cause 7% less conversion
  • 1 second delay will cause 11% less page conversion
  • 1 second delay will cause 16% less customer satisfaction

Some amazing facts about WordPress blog speed

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Some Factors That Affect Your WordPress Blog Speed


Better Web Hosting

Slow Web hosting will surely reduce your blog's speed. You need to get a better WordPress hosting which offers better speed, SSD, some way to cache and already tested. I personally recommend Siteground, which I use on my blog.


Image Compression

62% of your blog post weight depends on the image. The larger the image, more time it takes to download. I personally use Shortpixel and Wp Smush to compress my images so that my blog post load faster.


Choose Lightweight WordPress Theme 

A WordPress theme is also the very important factor for your blog's performance. A responsive lightweight theme will speed up page load and rank better. I personally recommend Genesis Framework and Generatepress for better performance of your blog.


Compress Code of Your WordPress Blog

Your WordPress blog consists of Html, CSS, PHP and database files. Make sure you compress it for better performance. A good cache plugin can easily do all these tasks for you. I personally use Wprocket and reviewing it on this blog.


Remove Unwanted Plugin and Media

Optimized your WordPress blog by removing unwanted plugins, images, videos and other content. It will clean up the resources, and speed up your blog.

Why You Need a Cache Plugin

Along with a good hosting, you need a cache plugin to further boost your WordPress performance. In this post, I am going to review WProcket and show you how it improved my blog performance.

What is Wprocket

Wprocket is best WordPress cache plugin which will rocket speed your WordPress blog. If you have a WordPress blog and want to speed up your blog speed, you must try it.

Features Of Wprocket

Wprocket features

Download Wprocket

Detailed Review Of Wprocket With Demo

Over To You

Though there are more improvement areas, I am satisfied with Wprocket. It improved my blog speed by almost 50%.

Remember improving blog performance or speed is a regular process and not one-time activity. Some of the top Wprocket feature like page caching, cache preloading, sitemap loading, browser caching, Cloudflare support, lazy load, Google font optimization is amazing. Overall, it has everything you need to boost your WordPress blog.

With Wprocket cost just $39, I think it is worth to invest money in it.

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