WPForms Review – Drag and Drop WordPress Form Builder

Building a Form for your WordPress blog is very important. In this post, I will review how to create drag and drop form builder for your WordPress blog using WPForms.

One of the advantages of the digital revolution is better performance and speed of the internet. If your site is not loading better than your competitor, you are not in the game.


In this post, I am going to talk about WPEngine page performance tool. This tool is very useful to find the performance of your page, how fast it is, detail insight like how quickly your page renders or how is your cache.

You will get a detail report about how much time it is taking for a user to open your page and also recommendation and suggestion about improving the performance of your page.

We know that WPEngine is a hosted service provider custom build for WordPress apps and services. If you are interested in reading detail review of WPEgine, read this post.

Why Speed or Performance matters?

In this competitive world, every second matters. If you are really serious about your business, you should not take chance on your speed or performance of your site.

For example, if you own an e-commerce business; even a slowness of few seconds will result in customer leaving your site or abandon the cart.

Speed saves time for a customer, which will result in more sale and trust to your site.

Speed is never am extra features, it is a must to win in the current competitive world. Your customer’s time is precious and you should make every attempt to decrease it as much as you can.

How WpEngine Page performance tool can help you?

WPEngine helps you to speed up your site or blog which result in better customer experience, credibility, and better SEO ranking.

WPEngine provides you insight view and report of the issue which is slowing your website. A website owner can then acts on those issues and make it faster.

wpengine speed performance screen-min

How it works? 

You can enter any URL in page performance tool. This tool will run a series of test and provides you features like page load time, the size of the website, cache etc.

You will also get a visual representation of how the page looks to the user and also the loading time as the user see it.

wpengine speed performance screen 2-min

After the test, reports also tell us you about how to improve your site. The recommendation example includes – use gzip compression, remove blocking js, create browser cache, or use SSL.

Once you recommend the make those changes, it will increase your page load, a better customer experience, higher visitor retention, more sales, and positive brand image.

WordPress Speed Test

WordPress Forms are very important for your blog, examples could be a contact form, Newsletter Form, Donation Form, guest blog submission form and lot more a blogger needs.

If you are creating it manually or using a free plugin, it can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Also if you will add other actions like notification, reply, and media to the form; it is not possible using free plugins.

What Is WPForms?

WPForms is a simple drag and drop WordPress Form builder for your blog. You will get a simple user interface with the all the component you need to drag and drop to create beautiful forms in minutes.

There are no technical skills required and anyone can build their own forms using WPForms.

Problems With Current Free Form Builder

so isn't free form builder or plugin available in the market? Why I should use WPForms? This question is common for any bloggers.

I will answer using the below points:

  • Free Form plugins do not support Email list integration like Aweber, Getreponse, Mailchimp etc
  • Free plugin will not be responsive, resulting in ugly looking forms in mobile devices
  • Sometime with different browsers and WordPress updates, your form will start failing
  • check
    No customer support
  • check
    Not easy to embed in blog post, pages, sidebar widget etc
  • check
    No Spam protection
  • check
    No central place to manage forms, means sometime you have to go individual post or page to modify forms
  • check
    No support for media like pictures, video etc

A blog post or page is your hard work, do you want to fail it by displaying ugly or incompatible forms.

The answer is no and we need smart forms to make our blog post looks convincing and professional.

Difference Between Ordinary and Smart Forms

Ordinary Forms

Smart Forms

Mostly ordinary of free WordPress Forms are not responsive. They look ugly on smaller device

Smart forms adjust themselves according to screen sizes

You need a bit of technical knowledge and HTML

No technical knowledge, everything is drag and drop

No central place to manage all forms

One central place and update will reflect everywhere

No way to connect third part tools like Aweber, Convertkit etc

API or connection with third party tools

No option to create logic around 

Create Smart forms using conditional logic

WPForms Features


Full Drag And Drop Form Builder

Without writing any single line code, you can create customized forms


Form Templates

Lot of customized forms like contact forms, donation forms, Email optin and many more


Quick Notification

If someone submit anything in your form, you will get instant notification


Easy To Add

Easily add forms in your blog post, pages or sidebar. No coding required.


Option To Submit Post

If you are accepting Guest post, this is a great feature to let user submit their post


Capture Everythings

Even if user will submit partial data in form, it will capture it. This helps you to email abandon cart or people who left form in between

WPForms Demo And My Personal Review

WPForms Price - Risk Free For 14 Days

The basic version of WPForms comes at $39/Year. The premier version range between $99/Year to $299/Year. It also comes with 14 days money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied; you can get a full refund.

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    I am Happy to see this awesome review of WPforms ! because this is very helpful tool for all the people who are using wordpress platform.

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    I am Happy to see this awesome review of WPforms ! because this is very helpful tool for all the people who are using wordpress platform.

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