WP Security Ninja Review -This Tools can Prevent Your Blog From Hacking

So I recently had this terrible experience where my blog was hacked by some unknown group, they deleted the files from servers resulting in loss of my work and revenue. I was frustrated and looking to prevent it in future. 


So What Happened with my Blog?

So like every blogger my focus is on writing the articles, optimizing it and get better ranking on Google. I forgot the one possibility of attack or hacking on my blog.

My blog was literally hacked because I was not using a crypto VPN to secure my data so there were some vulnerability which was exposed by some hackers and resulting in big pain and downtime of my blog.

Fortunately the hosting providers has backup of my blog for last 30 days and I recovered my blog back.

Looking For a Best WordPress Hosting?

I personally uses Siteground for all my WordPress blog including this for fast and reliable service. They also provide 30 days backup of my blog and also option to recover in case of any attack.

For big businesses, it results in loss of billions of dollars in revenue. For a small bloggers, it may result in loss of revenue, downtime and double work to recover it back.

Lets see some of statistics of hacking to the website and how it have affected to individuals and individuals.

Data Loss Statistics

Courtsey: hackercombat.com

What is WP Security Ninja?

WP Security Ninja is a plugin which can acts as a warrior for your WordPress blog. It can protect you from internal and external attack.

After the last attack on my blog, I started using it for all of my other blogs. It scan my blog and point out the issues or vulnerability and help me with the fix.

This tool is also very important nowadays as we are using lots of themes and plugins and we never know how those are designed, there could be a potential backdoor for a hacker to gain access to your blog and damage it.

As we all know WordPress is an open source framework, so it is not difficult to find loopholes in the platform.

So How WP Security Ninja Works?

WP Security Ninja comes as a free WordPress plugin. You can just install it and scan your blog.

It will list out all the issues and what you need to do to fix it. The scanner will not take much time and results are clear and indicating the problem.

The results are so easy to understand, I fixed some of them very quickly and for some of them, I googled it. Just click on the issues and you will see the details of it.

Here are some of the reports category:

I don't think it affect your blog accidently, you are always in control.

Use WP Security Ninja Pro to get Even more Features and Options

WP Security Ninja comes in free as well as paid version. The paid version has even more features and protects you from more attacks.

Some of the attacks a pro version protects you are:

WP Security Ninja Pro Highlights

  • Malware scans
  • Fix over 30 issues pre defined issue itself
  • Protect login form and block blacklisted ips
  • Scan WordPress files for attacks
  • Block attack using geographic location
  • Scheduled scans
  • Events logs to get insight of the attacks
  • Prevent script to hack your blog
  • Perform 50+ pre defined scan

How much WP Ninja Security Cost?

WP Ninja Security price will starts from $7.99 per month to $99 for lifetime. They also offer 14 days of free trial. I will highly recommend to starts with free version of plugin and then move to the paid version to get more protection from attack.

Final Conclusion on WP Security Ninja

No doubts you have to take attacks on the WordPress blogs seriously. They are real and may impact your blogs.

WP Security Ninja comes handy to provide you an extra layer protecting your blog. It comes in free as well as paid version; so you will get a nice idea about how it can protect your blog.

Though WordPress has already update themselves with the attacks they come to know with updates, there is no harm in using Security Ninja as extra protection.

I will highly recommend WP Security Ninja to all the WordPress blogger, whether you are new or expperienced blogger. Try free plugin from Security Ninja today.