WordPress Quiz Plugin – Engage And Get Attention of Visitors

People always looks for new way to get attention to engage users for their WordPress blog. In this post today, I will discuss how to use WordPress Quiz plugin to create beautiful quizzes to get more shares and makes your post viral.


How Quiz Can Help You as Blogger

A blogger always finds way to improve his blog. A quiz can helps you to achieve it. In this post, I will explain it in detail about benefits of quiz plugin for your WordPress blog and also explain two tools; Thrive Quiz builder and Interact quiz builder.

What is a Quiz (In context of WordPress blog)

You create quiz for your blog to get your readers engage to your blog.

They can also choose the answers and then you can show them relevant contents.

Overall a quiz can help your blog post to get more attention, social share and ultimately more traffic.

How WordPress Quiz Plugin Can help You?

Increase Your Email Subscribers

Quiz can help you to target or segment users. You can ask set of questions and then offer them correct content and then ask them to subscribe to your email. This mentod will have more chances to work as it will solve user's problem and you will have more chances of user to show interest.

Self Assessment Quiz Example

1.  What type of blog are you?

  • lightbulb-o
    a) Begineers 
  • lightbulb-o
    b) Experienced
  • lightbulb-o
    c) Advanced

2.  What is your key issue?

  • lightbulb-o
    a) SEO
  • lightbulb-o
    b) Email Marketing
  • lightbulb-o
    c) Content writing

Offer your Visitors free Ebook to get them subscribe to your Email list.

Get Extra Attention to Your Post

You can grab extra attention to your blog  if you offer them some quiz. They will get some chane to interact and find some more content which they need. The result; more shares less bounce rate. People will more likely to stay on your blog. 

Get Data For Your Business

As a blogger, you always need data related to your visitors. Quiz is a great way to achieve that. When people answer the quiz at the end of the post, it will give you  meanigful data which will show behaviour of your user. This data will help in growing your business.

Offer Content Based on Choice

It will be very easy to offer content specific to the user. For example in case of exercise topic, you can offer your readers a quiz like lighter exercise or heavy exercise to loose more height. Accordingly people will choose and you get chance to offer them specific content. 

Best Quiz Plugin WordPress Review

There are two Best Quiz plugin available in the market for WordPress; Thrive Quiz builder and Interact. I am going to review these two plugin in the post and explain you their features.

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