Why you should not use Pirated Software

According to a study 60 percent of Indian uses Pirated software of some kind.23 percent of admit that they intentionally use pirated software.What is surprising is besides home users, small scale industry and sometime big business also uses pirated software.Most of the time people do not understand cons of using pirated one, it result in loss for software companies,Government loss of revenue, job loss.It is also observed sometimes that companies uses single license and install it on multiple machines.

Lets see first why we use pirated software?

Cost – To be frank, we do not want to spend money on original software.We prefer buying laptop or computers which do not comes with original software as it is cheaper.There are lot of vendors available outside which install these pirated software like Windows, MS office in just 500-1000 Rupees.We do not understand the consequences of it.

No strict rule or fine – India still do not have tougher rule to control software piracy.because of it people do not afraid to do it.Also damages which is given to owners is very less compare to other countries like US.

Habit – It becomes our habit to follow the same thing from long time.We ignore rules and follow what mass do.It is a high time to change our view.


Here is a good intro video about do and don’t for installing software:

Consequence of using pirated software:
Hacking and security threats – Pirated software often contains malicious code and malware which may damage or corrupt your data.Nowadays data, image etc are more important than money.The pirated software will not be able to get regular security patch update and will be a open invite to hacker to steal data.Sometime it also lead to crash.90 percent of the pirated software is affected with virus which sooner or later would require you to click here for more to find the best virus removal experts.

Loss of revenue for Government and owners – If you install fake or duplicate software, it will result in loss for software owners.Government also lose revenue in taxes.According to an estimate Indian Government lost 866 million dollar  (Rs 4330 Crore) every year in revenue because of software piracy.Consider an example where you purchase original Microsoft windows 8 from a store or Flipkart.A large portion will go to the Microsoft but Flipkart and Government also get it share in commission and taxes.It is essential for our local sellers and economy.

Spyware – Most of the pirated software are also loaded with Spyware and are more dangerous than virus.As they silently keep sending confidential information , files and other data to spyware owners.Consider a online photo print store, which store images from customer.Spyware could send these picture back to its owners.It could result in major data leak.On a big market like credit card details in shopping cart could be exploited by cyber thieves.

No security patch update – Whenever any company launch new software, they regularly provides security patches or update for vulnerabilities.In case of counterfeit software these fixes will not be installed and your PC is exposed for attack.

Anti piracy law
– Counterfeit software always has risk.You may get caught by law and land in prison or fine.In India a counterfeit software can land you in jail for anything between 7 days – 3 years.There is also a fine for upto 3 Lac rupees.A software owner can also file a case separately for damages.You can read Anti piracy law in detail here.

How to buy original software :

Always try to buy software directly from owners.In some case you can also buy from authorized reseller or store.As an example always buy laptop or computer which comes with genuine Windows.It will be cheaper compared to buying Windows separately.Lets see how to buy Windows operating system.

Flipkart – Go to Flipkart to buy Windows 8.There is one time cost to buy this product.They will send you a CD.This is a lifetime fee to get regular updates.

Here is another link from Snapdeal.

Conclusion – Using a pirated software is both illegal and unethical.It is same as stealing something without paying them.Suppose you have a store and someone steals some item and start using them without paying you.What would you say it?Always use authentic and genuine software and encourages others to do so.Please do comment your input with #softwarepiracy.

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