Why you should not use Bookmyshow

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Before I begin let me tell you, I was a big fan of Bookmyshow and had booked a lot of movie ticket from them. I even used the application as my default for viewing the schedule for Pepsi Center events.

I stopped using it from last month when I came to know about this issue.What I found is shocking and still not believed why I used it for so long.I am talking about extra money they charge for booking.  At the moment they called it as internet handling fees, though they never disclose breakup of the charges.

Recent update – I tried to reach Bookmyshow on Facebook to enquire about the Internet handling charge is so high, but no response so far.

Please find the latest screenprint of Bookmyshow and direct website of Theatre and compare yourself. Bookmyshow has increased the Internet handling price too much.

Bookmyshow new Internet handling charges


So on an average, if you watch four movies in a month, you end up paying 17 INR extra per ticket per head. In a year you will pay 816 INR for a year.

Let me explain you by below screenshot.


Price of ticket on Bookmyshow.com

In the above example I am trying to book ticket for Cinepolis theater.I am worried about internet handling charges mentioned in red box.I tried to find breakup of this charge on Bookmyshow site, but no luck. I can assume approx 5/- for service tax but what about Rs 40?

Now lets see another screenshot about booking the same ticket same time from Cinepolis site.

Price of same ticket on Cinepolisindia.com

Surprisingly this Amount is only 462.48.The best thing is Cinepolis clearly shows breakup of the charges.

The Big question?

Now here comes the big question, how come same ticket booked for same show timings is different in different sites?Why you should pay more to Bookmyshow?Is not the responsibility of Bookmyshow to clarify this extra charge?

The reason lies with the monopoly of Bookmyshow which provide a single platform to book ticket for all theaters.Bookmyshow know the existing technology of theaters own ticket booking system is not good.So they charge as they like and customer may not feel much to pay little extra.

So suppose we pay Rs 10 extra on per ticket ,so if we see weekly 4 movies it is 40 and in a year it is approx 500.It is equivalent to 4 month electricity bill.If you have 3 person in your family, this will go to Rs 1500.Bookmyshow is gain mostly in it where they are getting more money from Customers and also getting commission from theater owners for every tickets sold.Benefit for theaters owners is they get all their ticket sold with a little commission and they do not have to manage their own platform/technology for it.

So why we don’t care about this Extra charge?

  • Marketing strategies of Bookmyshow – Bookmyshow spend a lot of money on ads and marketing.They also give a nice feature of integration ticket with social media and has a rich GUI.This attract customer and they did not even bother to know that they are charged more.
  • Poor infrastructure of theaters ticket booking system – Even after high courts orders theater owners to have their own ticket booking system (so that broker like Bookmyshow do not charge more from customer) very few owners have a good solid ticket booking system.For example I checked Esquare Pune own ticket booking system and it is pathetic.90% of time system failed with timeout exception.On the other hand Cinepolis have a good system for ticket booking.
  • Ticket booking system is not implemented by all owners – Except big theaters, still small theaters sell their ticket thru Bookmyshow and other brokers.If we want to advance book the ticket , we either have to go physically there or depend on Bookmyshow.
  • Offers by Bookmyshow – They often give offers like buy 1 get 1 free or rewards point etc.We love offers nad iscounts but never bother to compare the cost.

What we need to do?

  • Compare and buy – Before buying any tickets for movie compare it on theater own ticket booking system, like for cinepolis , it is cinepolsindia.com.If it is less than bookmyshow buy it from there.
  • Raise your voice – Raise your voice to Bookmyshow asking why they are charging more and explain reasons.Do not ever blindly buy ticket from Bookmyshow.
  • Find other alternative if online is not available -If online booking is not available for any theater, try with phone booking or find a friend who live nearby instead of going to Bookmyshow.

Remember it is your money, so before buying tickets know how much money is going to theater, government and how much is going to broker.It is your right to know the breakup of charges and nobody has some hidden fee name with internet handling charges.With little work you can save some money which can be used to pay your electricity or cable bill.Please do share your views on it and whether you do a little bit of research before buying ticket or not?

  • Well said, but this not the case only with book my show website. Mostly all service oriented websites like thinkvidya, myprivatetutor, flipclass, are charging a hefty premium for the services they offer. What we get in return is very little or sometimes nothing. People not only need to open their eyes but minds too. Think what you are paying and what your are getting in return. Good job!

  • These ***** are stealing our money without giving the feel of robbery. In chennai, there is no problem as all theatres have good ticket booking sites. But they are cashing in on other parts of India

  • I have realized it and happy to find you have worked on it.
    I don’t think this is ethical way of doing business and also came to know this charge is not legal in india . at least some High court ( i think mumbai) has already questioned it.
    Still people are blindly following and not questioning it.
    any way you have done a great job and will try to spread a word

  • True. Today i was trying to book movie tickets through book my show and i was wondering why the hell they are charging some 51 rs. in the name of internet handling fees? I didn’t proceeded for the payment and searched about this. This is how i found this piece. later i have written an email to them with a reference of court order and asked them to clarify this internet handling charges. Though i’m not expecting that they will respond me.
    well explained.

    • Thank you very much for your comment Shalini. It is true that Bookmyshow is charging more money in the name of handling fees but no justification. I too tried to email and ask them but no success. I think they spend so much on marketing and promotion and want to get cut from the customer. IT is a great time to find alternative and book directly from the theatres.

  • Agree with your opinion, even i used cinepolis website directly after seeing this hefty fee from bookmyshow. I felt it crap. Then recent times there is a competitor and its paytm, with atleast their weekly offers of promo code like movie100. Atleast i am avoiding the conveince fee completely for couple movie tickets. I found it a bit better. but yeah it doesn’t again workout if you need more than 3 tickets.

  • Recently Govt of India announced that all transactions by card that are less than 2000/- will be MDR free which means Bookmyshow does not have to pay anything to the acquiring bank and is subsidized by the Govt of India..even then BMS is charging internet handling fees..this money goes into their pocket…boycott BMS..!!!

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