Why you need Stock images

What are stock images?

Stock images are pictures which are licensed for specific use.It is a place where a company store large group of pictures and licensed them to individual user/company at a price.Purchased and delivery of photos happens online.The picture variety include individual,pets,group pictures, travel and conceptual pictures.

What are different types of stock images?

There are two types of stock images, namely Royalty free images and Rights managed images. Royalty free images does not mean it is free, It means you pay for it license once and use it many times.Rights managed images are strict to use and you will have restriction on its usage based on geographic,size, region etc.

Why you need stock images?

Lets just assume you search images on Google, copy it and put it on your website.It  may lead to copyright infringement. Infringement means violating the rights of original creator of image.Copyright holder of images may ask you to remove images from your site or in worst cases may file lawsuit and can ask for compensation.

Nowadays there are many application and tools exists which can search for a text or images on the internet, to find if same text or image exist anywhere else or not. So you cannot escape after copying images from the internet. By using stock images you will be tension free that no one claim for his/her images posted on your site.

As you paid license fees to these companies and hence these  company will take care of any copyright violation or lawsuits.Even if your site is non commercial you need to pay license fees for images you use in your site.

Lets see top 10 stock images site –













How photographers can contribute in stock photos?

A professional or Amateur photographer can sell their pictures thru stock photos website and can upto 50% of their license fees.Some photographers sell their pictures themselves but photo stock manages your complete portfolio ,payments and transaction will be easier.