Why Writing Product Review is important?

In day to day life we search and use lot of product and services on Internet.It can be a hotel, a hair saloon or can be a grocery store.Often we did not know much about the services or business.We then looks for reviews and feedback from other customers or users.But as a customer our job is not only to find feedback but to contribute to these reviews.The first and foremost source of review is from Google itself.

For every website and business, Google add a review button below it for you to add review.See below how it looks.


Here is a video which explain how to add a review for a services or business on Google.

So now we know where is the review button and how to add a review for particular business, lets see what is the benefit of adding or contributing for a review.

  • Contribute to the society – when we write a review, we help others to find the useful review and tips.As mostly users who write review are original Google user, we can trust their feedback.As an internet users it is our responsibility to keep sharing of information.
  • Help us to take decision – A better and honest review let us make decision.For example a review of hotel is useful while selection.
  • Easier to find – A review next to Google search result makes it easier to find reviews.

Lets see some best tips to write a review:

  • Write precise review – Instead of a more generic feedback, write a insightful and unique experience.Highlight special experience and information which is useful to readers.
  • Be realistic – Share both negative and positive feedback without biased.Rating it witha  number from 1 to 10 is a good idea.
  • Be nice – Sometime your experience will not be nice, so write a review with respect.No need to be offensive and use harsh words.
  • Use correct grammar – People like review when it will be short(like a paragraph) with correct spellings and no grammatical errors.Be attentive to it.
  • Keep updating it – You may go to same place twice and it gives you opportunity to edit and update your review.You may find something which you missed last time.

Conclude – It is really important to share your review or experience with the world.Internet provides a great way to do this.A real and factual information lets a visitor to take decision.Next time when you vist a place or use a service, do not forgot to share the review.

Here are some websie where you can share review:

Google – Almost everything which has a website or listed as a business on Google.It can be a airline,a superstore or a online shopping etc.

Tripadvisor – It can be used to write a review about travel stuff.It includes Hotels,Flights,Vacation rentals,Restaurants and Destinations.

Yelp -Yelp contains review of your local restaurants, places etc.Mostly used to get review of restaurant nearby.

MouthShut – It is a very good review site in India which contains a lo of user with lot of good review.You can use it to write review and it will reach to a wider group of readers.

  • Nice article Ravi.
    While adding the review comments if you know the review provider very well, use a popular authentication like Google, Facebook so that when any of our friends visiting the reviews, those are/will be shown first. It helps to distinguish the actual reviews from fake reviews.
    And business owners will be careful while serving the customers 🙂

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