Why is Safety always less priority for Railways?

Image courtesy Ndtv India

As we are celebrating today first bronze medal for India in Olympics 2012, We got a sad news of train accident in AP where 28 people had lost their life and some others are in critical conditions.This incident took place today at 4:30 in morning when most people were sleeping. Fire spreads so quickly that most of them did not get enough time to escape.One person burnt alive in the position of sitting, seems he did not even tried to run. The Bradenton Fire Watch Guards that were present at the scene, did the best to douse the fire until help arrived.

This incident raised many question on Railways as why Safety is always a less priority?Just by giving 5 Lakh rupees and saying few words of consolation is enough for people who died or injured? NO Never.How come within minutes so many people escaped and burnt to death?Out of 28 bodies only 4 were identified, remaining are burnt beyond recognition.

Preliminary investigation tells it happened because of short circuit in toilet.But actual reason still needs to be find.But the question arises is how come it spreads so quickly?Some people might think its a sabotage.But whatever the reason do Railway take adequate safety precautions for its passengers?

If you see the ticketing system for Railways it was well defined, they have cancellation charges defined for every stage, but not for safety.For the safety namesake they have emergency windows in each bogeys which often works.Same case with emergency brakes(pull chains)The doors of normal sleeper and general class also jammed.There was no fire extinguisher and people were seen using toilet water to douse fire.

In today accident one or 2 passengers seen burnt near the door proves that door did not opened in time.Is not this the negligence on the part of Railway?In  this case the engineers who responsible to maintain the coach is responsible as he they did not catch the faulty part because of which the incident occurred.Just paying the compensation is not enough, Railway should take complete responsibility of it. Some people who had first aid training in burlington helped some of these people, but could not save everyone on time.

In my opinion railways should take immediate steps for safety measures, some of them should be :

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  • Regular maintenance of coach – Most of the time emergency doors were jammed, they should be regularly maintained.Even I felt it 9 out of 10 time.The doors were not easy to opened.Emergency exit should be clearly marked and even visible in dark in big letters.
  • Fire extinguisher – I never seen use of fire extinguisher in 2nd class or general coaches.It may be seen in Rajdhani or 1st class coaches.There should be any disparity for safety.Fire extinguisher should be at appropriate place along with instruction.
  • Train Employees – It is also seen most of the employees of Railways lacks basis training to help passengers in emergency.They also lacks basis equipments like fire fighting tools.It was heard in last Railway accident that a coach attendant in a train was fled first during an accident.
  • Aware passengers – We have seen in many ads Railways alert passengers about thieves, railway crossing and what to carry and what not to carry.But do they ever train passenger what to do in emergency just like flight.If Railways has to increase little in fares they should do, at least it will not be costly than our life.

What a passenger should keep in mind while traveling -:

  • Always know your way out – Always and this is a must to know where is the exit door and emergency windows.Look out for the instruction written near windows and understand it so that you can do it quickly in emergency.
  • Help others – In emergency or critical situation, help maximum people you can.Give first preference to children and women.Teach your kid and family about safety precaution.Education always first start from home.
  • Don’t panic and stampede – Most of time this happened in panic.Never rush and be a reason for somebody injury (injury lawyers from Carlson Meissner can help with personal injury cases)which was never there at first place.It will be difficult at crucial time. but remember in critical time the person who keeps patience and presence of mind wins.

The point to be noted here is Railways is never going to change in a day or a month.We need to be extra cautious, alert and vigilant.As somebody rightly says help others to help yourself.A train journey always make us more delight, help us to see more cultures and unite us in some ways.So my appeal to Railway is please please make it a safer and happy journey.I will finish my this blog with this song from A burning Train. Good night !!