Why I Switched to Genesis Theme

People often ask me why and how I switched to Genesis theme from free theme. I am going to review and discuss why I have chosen Genesis and what are benefits of using this theme.

I have started my blog with a free theme as a started. Soon I realized, a free theme is not for a serious blogger.  Read my below post to understand why I have taken decision for paid WordPress theme.

Why You Need Paid Theme For Your Blog

Once I have decided to switch to paid WordPress themes, I was actively looking for a reliable theme and that is when I found Genesis theme.

Lets see the benefits or advantage Genesis theme:

SEO optimized –

Google loves your blog if it optimized and has clean code. Sometimes the WordPress theme looks good but their code is not optimized; this may result in lower ranking in search engine and slowness in your blog.

All Genesis are fully SEO optimized and updated regularly to make sure your site performs well.

All Genesis themes are Responsive – 

This is the first formula of choosing a theme. Do not ever select a theme if it is not responsive and suitable for mobile devices.

If your theme is not responsive:

  • Google will not display your blog as mobile friendly in search result
  • You will loose mobile traffic to your site
  • You will loose Google page ranking

Genesis theme is fully responsive and HTML 5 compliant.

Why I switched to Genesis header-min

Pay only once – 

Unlike other themes, you do not have to pay every year to use the theme. There is an only once lifetime fee to buy and get customer support. Also, there is no developer fee.

Security –

Genesis theme provides a regular update to keep your WordPress security up to date. This is one of the problems with the free theme as they are not secure and an attacker can use the loopholes to attack your blog.

Genesis theme uses clean code to secure your blog and WordPress database. Also, it upgrades automatically so you always know that you never miss any security updates.

I never encountered any issue with the blog after the update. Genesis test the code before sending the upgrade.


Fully Customizable – 

The quality of a good WordPress theme is the way it can be customized. I found Genesis theme can be fully customized. Starting from widget to header, comment, logo, post and pages.

Adding social media icon to optin is so as easy as one click. Also changing ng color of the header, post and headline are very easy.

I also found adding code to child theme is easy and a lot of tutorials available for it.

I love the way Genesis theme resize my images depending on different devices. I never have to install a plugin to do the same.

You have the widget for user profile, Featured post, and featured page.

You can customized almost everything in Genesis theme
You can customize almost everything in Genesis theme

See some of the layout option available with Genesis:

  • Full-Width Content
  • Sidebar / Content
  • Content / Sidebar
  • Sidebar / Sidebar / Content
  • Content / Sidebar / Sidebar
  • Sidebar / Content / Sidebar

The Concept of Child themes – 

Genesis themes works on the parent-child relationship. So here Genesis framework is a parent theme which must be installed on your WordPress before you use starting it.

A child theme is built on top of Genesis framework and are little more customized. It is created for a specific niche like Food, Blogging, Travelling etc.

Though you can use Genesis theme directly for your blog but child themes are created for a customized niche.

Built for Speed – 

One of the biggest difference I can easily make out is Speed. My blog is loading faster on all type of devices after switching to Genesis theme. Genesis clean code makes it possible.

How to Buy Genesis Theme?

If you are planning to buy a paid theme, I will highly recommend Genesis theme. Also, it is always good to buy Genesis framework and child theme together; as it will be cheaper and your theme will be more focus on a particular theme.

It comes in three options; Genesis Framework only, Geneis+child theme together, and Genesis framework with all child themes.

[stextbox id=”info”]Click here to see different themes from Genesis. If you are planning to buy Genesis theme, do write to me and I will help you to set it up[/stextbox]


Genesis price options

It is always good to buy Genesis framework and child theme together; as it will be cheaper and your theme will be more focus on a particular theme. But if you have money constraint, I will recommend buying Genesis framework only.

Top 3 Child themes in Genesis –

As all Genesis themes are beautiful and well designed below are my favorite three child themes.

Digital pro theme: Great for those who are building digital products or a blogging niche.

digital pro-min


Smart Passive Income Theme – Genesis created this theme with help of Pat Flynn, one of the famous names in blogging. This theme is perfect for all type of niche. My blog is using this theme.

Smart passive income theme-min


Altitude Pro theme – This is another great theme with the option of customized header, menu,  and layout with customized optin. I highly recommend it for all blogging niche.

altitude pro themes-min