Why Government sites are so Pathetic?


If you are wondering about which government I am talking about, then I must tell you it is the Indian Government. The country which is the biggest contributor of software export has Govt sites which run slowest, available half a year and most importantly boring Graphics user interface(GUI).

When India has top quality software development companies like TCS,Infosys Wipro etc why we don’t have good website for us. Take for example Irctc website.It goes down so often, almost impossible to book tickets in tatkal and or normal time also payment often fails.Another latest example is UID(Adhar card) website.It is down 90% of the time.I rarely can see my details and update it.One more example is election commission website.Its GUI is horrible and does not even contains citizen’s data.

So when this question is asked from Govt, this is the response we usually get:

Because of so many people using the site (As India has 2nd largest population in the world) sites becomes overloaded – A big lie from Indian govt.If it is true how come site like Google, Apple etc takes load from all over world and still runs swiftly. If it becomes overloaded they should increase no of servers to overcome it.As a rule more people means more income to the Govt.


Why Indian Govt sites often failed – Reality?

  • Corruption – Indian politics and government is so much corrupted that most if the money invested in these project were eaten up by middlemen and contracts were given to small company with less experience
  • Lack of knowledge at top management – The top management at the government either is not capable or has less knowledge to bring latest technology and initiative for online data.
  • Lack of integration – Indian Govt works in a disintegrated way. different ministry and state Govt has no handshaking. Actually most of the data which is getting collected in UID(Adhar card) is already available to state Govt.
  • NIC(National Information center) – The Govt own NIC service is pathetic and over the years they were just able to create few website with absolutely no information and horrible GUI.Election commission website is one of them.
  • Lack of budget – Govt always allocated less budget for managing data center and NIC seems to have done nothing from last 10 years.We need more private players here.
  • Lack of social media – Nearly all government website lack integration with social media. It does not need promotion but helps to gather more eyeball and help people to talk about it.


The Road ahead –

Sooner or later Govt has to accept that there is urgent need to have a strong data system require for Indian citizen.Recently launched Aadhar is seems to be a major failure as it is not came in full effect and is down most of the time.

Improve NIC data center and quipped them with latest skills and technology. It only going to help nation in future. We should learn it from US.Also we need to involve more IT player within India to build a strong database of Indian citizen.It help us in crime,population census, stop immigrants, and help people in emergency.

Lets hope govt will wake up soon instead of planning only take some concrete actions.

  • Pathetic condition of India’s governments will never change irrespective of who comes to power in Delhi, be it INC, BJP, BJD, AAP or whosoever. Politicians have taken the citizens and their money for granted. Appalling state of affairs. Young citizens are leaving this country looking for jobs abroad and the government is busy playing games with religious emotions of people and worthless issues like NRC-CAA-NPR.

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