Why CarPool is not working in India

Today in this post I am going to discuss why CarPool concept is not working so well in India. I will also talk about why I went to a ford dealer near me instead of going to other manufacturers. People still not sharing cars and prefer to go in their own vehicle.It result in huge traffic jam at major circle and point in city.But before I discuss the reason lets quickly understand what is Carpool and its benefits.

What is a Carpool?

Carpool also called sharing a ride is shared use of a car by two or mor e people in order to save money on fuel and also promote social and environmental benefits.It reduces number of cars on road and result in less traffic and less pollution.

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Reduces traffic congestion
  • Less pollution
  • Comfortable journey as compared to public transport
  • Less driving means less stress
  • More carpool means more social, more friends

Here is a small animation video demonstrating benefits of Carpooling.I find it worth sharing:

Image courtesy – http://www.carcabpool.com/

So lets come back to point, Carpool so far work successfully in some metro city limited to a particular corporate group and mostly failed to reach to majority of people and places we often face huge traffic.If you talk about technology we have more than 20 top sites for carpooling, where you register and share a ride or search for a ride.But real reason lies with people behavior and thoughts.So lets discuss some major reason for it:

  • Social status – Right from day one of our first salary, we dream of a house and a car.Once we own a car, we think of having a driver.We want to sit back and be feel like a king.Sharing a ride means these people will loose their social status.They feel like they are driver and other are riders. That is the reason why I think most of the managers in companies never even think of carpooling.
  • Emotional attachment with car – We all know how much it take to own a car.Once we purchase a car sometime people not even remove plastic cover from seats, so that it will look new.We often do not like if some stranger sits in the car.They often object if someone shut the door little hard or open close windows.
  • Not punctual – We Indians are often not punctual.Carpool means you have to be on time.You need to plan your activities in the morning itself.Carpool often fails for this reason.When people have to wait for somebody often, they prefer to go alone.
  • Afraid travelling with stranger – In India it is common to be robbed or attacked when you give lift to stranger.With this mentality people resist to go for car pooling.Even though we have checks for identification at software level, people still scared.Specially for woman passenger, it is very difficult to trust stranger unless he/she is their colleague or close friend.So most of the time car pool is limited to a particular to a group of friends or companies.
  • Behavior of co-passengers – This is a big reason people avoid carpooling.It has been found some time driver is carpooling driving recklessly or he/she has not pt on seat belt.Also some time it happens from co passenger, like somebody is on call all the time on car.Also it has been noticed that some people always try to teach you, how to drive a car.It may irritate some drivers.So in a nutshell for carpooling we need some kind of discipline for all passengers.Some drivers also do not want to switch on A/C in car saying destination is nearby(actually want to save money), this may irritate fellow passengers.
  • No encouragement from Govt – This is a very disappointing in India that Govt is not giving any special privilege or promotion for carpooling.In some country there is a separate lane and parking for carpooling.In India no state is offering any help for carpooling.Except free tools and software, we have no motivation for carpooling.

So lets see pictorial view of major reasons:

Carpool failing reasons

traffic india
Image -theroadtochangeindia

So in this case we can see even though we have advance technology and tools available for carpooling.It is the people mindset,behavior and mentality which is stopping carpooling to happen in a major scale.So unless we will not change our self, traffic volume is not going to decrease any time soon.We will pass same traffic jams daily and blames government.Lets give a small start and try to create more carpool.Lets start with our self.Please do share your experience with carpool and what reason you think it is not happening successfully?

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