Updraftplus Review – Best Free WordPress Backup Plugin

I have been using Updraftplus for more than a year now and thought it is a great time to talk about it and give you an overview about it. This is one of the best WordPress backup plugins in 2016 which is used to backup and restore your WordPress blog.

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In this post, I am going to talk about Updraftplus, my favorite plugin for WordPress backup and restore, its advantage and features in detail.

What are the features of Updraftplus?

Choose your Backup Schedule – You can select either manual or automated backup. Automated backup can be in an hour, a day, a week or a month. Different backup option available for files and databases.


It can also delete very old backup itself. Also, you can trigger backup automatically when an important event occurs like WordPress or plugin update.

Updraftplus inbuilt storage – Updraftplus offers inbuilt storage for your WordPress backup. Inbuilt storage is very easy to use and you can categorize your backup in a group. It is a very secure and reliable storage medium.

Updraftplus provides 1 GB of very storage with every package and you can always buy more space.

Remote Storage Options – You can always use third party tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon cloud etc to take your backup. You can also use FTP and SFTP file backup server. You can also choose multiple locations for your backup.

Also, all transmission to the cloud server is encrypted

Here is a complete list of remote server options:


Restore Your Backup – You have the option to backup individual components like Plugins, Database, theme etc. Any additional directory for your WordPress can also be backed up. The database can be easily encrypted and decrypted using drag and drop. 

Import backup from other plugins like simple backup, Dropbox, genericSQL, BackWPup etc.

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Support – You can use the forum for the free customer and web ticket for paid customers. You also have options of FAQ and Youtube video to learn more about Updraftplus.


How much Updraftplus cost?

Updraftplus comes as a free WordPress plugin with the basic feature but paid version has a lot more to offer. Some of the features with paid subscription are like SFTP/FTP,Google cloud, Microsoft one Drive, Advance reporting, Database encryption, restore backup from other plugins, etc

Here is a complete list of comparison between paid and free version :


Paid subscription starts at $70 and you also have options to buy add-ons separately as an automatic backup for $25, Dropbox subfolders at $10, Microsoft one Drive $10 etc.

It is a good option if you want selected feature and not the complete package.


Here is a video tutorial about How to use Updraftplus:


Compared to all other backup WordPress plugin, this is the best tool I encountered. It is very easy to use with so many options.

To be a successful blogger and keep your work and post safe, you need to have a strong backup and recovery WordPress plugin. Updraftplus gives you all the necessary tool to achieve that.

Always make sure you take backup your WordPress while updating WordPress or plugins. You also must take backup of your blog at regular intervals.

Hope this tutorial helped you to understand Updraftplus backup plugin and how to use it. Please do not forget to share and comment on this post. I would love to hear your opinion.


  • Thank you for your comment Riju. Updraftplus is indeed one of the best backup plugin for WordPress. Except this WordPress Jetpack vault is another option which cost you $5/month.

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