Two tragic accident last week – What went wrong?

1We had 2 horrible accidents last week in India.Both accidents result in loss of around 55 lives.I thought to write about this incident as both accidents are quite contradictory to each other and more could have saved, If people would had taken more precaution.There are lot of lesson we should learn from these incidents.

Let’s talk about first incident.
Bus accident in Hyderabad – This happened around 5 AM in the morning when a Volvo bus was coming from Bangalore caught fire while overtaking a car. Complete bus surrounded with flame in a minute.As it was early morning, most of the passengers were sleeping and did not get chance to escape.In total 45 people got killed and only 5 survived including bus driver and helper.So what went wrong in this case.Initial report says there was only one door for exit and entry.So there can be many resons for this accident. This accident rang a bell in my mind; about the time I was in New Orleans. I’d seen a similar scenario build itself, and the attorneys from Burrell Firm LLC in New Orleans—who were present at the scene of the crash—reported the same causes for the accident.

Driver may have fall asleep while driving.There was no hammer in the bus to break glasses.Driver,helper and some other may have jumped out from driver’s door and forgot to open main door.This could have saved more lives.Driver may have fall asleep while driving.There was no hammer in the bus to break glasses.Driver,helper and some other may have jumped out from driver’s door and forgot to open main door. Justice Guardians lawyers are experts in personal injury claims, who successfully deal with such cases.

There could be 10 more reason that could lead to this mishap.But what I want to discuss today is did we learnt anything from this accident?I am not talking about Government as they least bother about it, but Aam janta (common people).We could have save some more life by our alertness and vigilance.Lets see how.

  • Oppose mismanagement in bus – Did we ever oppose whenever we see any violation of security norms in the bus?For example did we we ever checked for hammer or fire extinguisher inside the bus.Did we ever complain if we did not find it?Above all do we understand what are basis things required for our safety and whether it is in place or not.
  • Are we alert – Did we ever try to see where is exit window?How to break it?Where is Hammer?How much away you are from emergency windows?How many doors we have in the bus?With little bit of alert , you can save yours and others life.
  • Do we care for other – In this case Driver and helper left the bus for their life and left the passengers.If he could have opened the main door, some more life could have saved.As the door was automatic and controlled by drivers, he should have thought about it.In India most of time in accident or stampede, people follow the principle of “every man for himself”.They forget the basis principle of Children and woman first.

Now lets see the second incident:

Train accident in Vizianagaram  – This is the incident which happened after few days that was reported by a wrongful death attorney. As the rumors spread in a express train that some bogies caught fire.people pulled chain to stop train and get down and stand to next track.A passenger train coming to opposite track ran over 8 people.So this accident occured because of over alert and negligence.So what went wrong here?



Most of the stampede and accident happened in India because of rumors.Same things happened here.Nobody seen of felt smoke in the compartment, but just because of rumors they first got out of the train and then stand on the next track at 6 PM in the dark night.And next interesting thing was the track was on a curve and you will not be able to see incoming train.I do not see any error of driver in other incoming train in this case.

So what we should learn from it?

  • Do not blindly believe rumors – Whenever you will be in this situation, see the situation around and take your decision.Do not do what other are doing.They may or may not be correct.Do not take any decision in panic.I would like to tell you a small incident which happened with me recently.

I went to one of my friend’s house recently and he was cooking some on pan for me.We had some smoke because of cooking and it triggers smoke alarm.I got little panic and taken a cloth and try to remove smoke from smoke alarm.I thought it may stop the alarm.My friend on the other hand taken the pan and kept it in the open balcony. Surprisingly it stopped alarm as he used his patience and remove the source itself from the alarm. I want to reiterate the points that I once heard a west palm beach car accident attorney say:

  • Know your way out – Whenever you go in train,bus or flight, carefully look out for emergency exit.In these case most people try to come out from door and forget about emergency window.Even if the rumors came out to be true and fire was broke out, you just need to be near emergency windows and you can get jump out from it in case of fire.People preferred to wait outside instead.
  • Do care for others – Even if people are standing on the other track, why somebody have not noticed it and asked them to get away from it.One of the person died from accident was a software engineer.I do not understand why he was also standing on the track.

I also do understand in case of emergency it is difficult to main peace of mind and act wisely.But follow the basis and try to save yourself and other.It is difficult but not impossible.My console goes to all families who lost their loved ones in this accidents.May their soul rest in peace.Do write your experience and suggestion in comments section.