Twinword Review – Best Keyword Planner and Generator Tool

For a blogger, the most difficult thing is find and plan for right keywords. I am going to review a Keyword planner and research tool called Twinword which will help you exactly with the keywords.


What is Twinword?

Twinword is the best keyword research tool for your content. With this tool you just need to give seed keyword and you will get hundreds of new keyword ideas and relevant related keywords.

Why Keyword is important for the Blogger?

Finding right keyword is very important for bloggers success. Your page ranking, traffic, and page authority everything depends on your right keywords.

Keyword Is Important

As a blogger, before writing any post find keyword which is relevant and less competitive. It will help you rank better in search engine.

If you are using Adword, you need to plan keyword to get more attention to your ads.

As a visitors, when you come visit any page; you want to make sure your visitors will find all relevant keywords

As a Adsense users, good and relevant keyword will yield more revenue for you

Finding low competitive keyword is important. It will help you discover new keywords and get higher ranking.

Discover new post ideas. Once you have new keywords, you will get more article ideas

Benefits of Twinword


Find Relevant Keyword

Relevant keyword twinword

Find relevant and important long Keyword list. Instead of thousand of keywords, find the keyword which is just important to you.


Find Topics Related To Your Keywords

popular topics twinword

With Twinword, You will not only find relevant keyword but the trending topics related to your seed keyword. It will give you even more post ideas and topics.


Keyword Score and Relevancy

Other features of twinword

With Keyword, title and relevancy score; it is easy to find which keyword is useful or less competitive. This way, you can target keyword easily which can get you better rank in search engine.

How Much Twinword Cost?

Twinword has 3 packages; start from $12/month for annual. It is very less expensive compared to other tools in the market like kwfinder and SEMRush.

Check the comparison of the packages below and select as per you need. I will recommend Pro.

Twinword package comparison-min

Twinword idea is offering special discount for Ravisinghblog readers and offering free plus version of Twinword for 1 month.

Please note that this offer will be for first 10 users who signup using below form.


As a blogger, Tailword makes it easy for you to find long tail keyword with less competition and more relevant

Conclusion On Twinword Review

Well from a long time, I was looking for a keyword research tool which is inexpensive, easy to use, reliable and give me hundred of long tail keyword with related trending topic.

Twinword is exactly that and I am happy using it from last three months. I will highly recommend it to all my fellow bloggers.

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    First, this post was in dept and detailed and it actually resolved a problem I have recently been searching for online. So, kudos and keep writing and sharing great contents like this.

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    Twinword Ideas LSI Graph is another interesting tool. Instead of a list, it visualizes the semantic relationships between keywords. You get an unlimited amount of search queries without any limit on generated LSI keywords. Keyword research is the bread and butter of any search campaign. None more so than for start-ups. Building a strategy around the keyword you wish to rank for is vital, and there are plenty of SEO keyword tools to help you with that.

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