Traffic Rules and Penalties – Know your rights

I want to start this post with some of the many times 1

  • Do you know all traffic rules?
  • Did you tried to understand all traffic rules?
  • Do you know how much fine/penalty you need to payfor all violations?
  • Do you know procedure involved in traffic rules violation(court proceedings)?

If any one of the answers is no for you, you must read this post.I am not going to discuss about traffic rules but penalty, fines and procedure involved in the traffic violation.I did little bit of research to make my readers aware about it.

I am going to take an example of Maharashtra state as more or less traffic fines are same in all states and vary little bit in some states.Here is penalty awarded for different violations:

oNature of offenceSection of M.V.Act 88Type of vehiclesOffender liable to pay

Compounding fee (Rs)

1General offences177All vehiclesWhoever commits the offence
2Traveling without ticket178 (1)All stage carriagesWhoever travels without pass or ticket
3Refuses to supply a ticket or supplies an invalid ticket178 (2)All stage carriagesConductor
4Refuses to ply or to carry the passengers178 (3)All contract carriages1) 2 & 3 wheelers
2) Other than 2 & 3 wheelers
1) 502) 200
5Disobedience of orders, obstruction and refusal of information179All vehiclesWhoever commits the offence
6Allowing unauthorised person to drive vehicles180All vehiclesOwner or person incharge of vehicle
7Driving vehicles without valid licence181All vehiclesPerson driving
8Obtaining driving licence not been entitiled or who is disqualified182 (1) Person commiting the offence
9Obtaining conductor’s licence not been entitiled or who is been disqualified182 (2)All stage carriagesConductors
10Driving at excessive speed183 (1) (2)All vehiclesDriver & owner
200 each
11Driving dangerously184All vehiclesDriver
12Driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive186All vehiclesDriver
13Racing and trials of speed without permission189All vehicles1.Person taking part in the race or trial2.Person permitting race or trial.
300 each
14Using vehicle in violation of pollution norms190 (2)All vehiclesDriver and owner
500 each
15Sale of a vehicle or alteration of vehicle in contravention to provisions of motor vehicles laws191All vehiclesPerson commiting the offence
16Using vehicle without registration192 (1)1) 2 wheelers2)  other than 2 wheeler1)    Driver & owner2)    Driver & owner
1) 300 each
2) 1000 each
17Driving vehicle exceeding permissiable load194All vehicles except 2 wheelersDriver and Owner
2000+1000 per ton (or part thereof ) of excess load each
18Driving uninsured vehicle196All vehiclesDriver and owner
300 each
19Unauthorised entry into the vehicle or tampering of a mechanism of a vehicle198All vehiclesPerson committing the offence
20Talking on mobile phone while driving250 (A) M.M.V rulesAll vehiclesDriver200

So as you can see for most of the violations penalty ranges from 100-200.But as we are not aware traffic police ask any amount from us.I remembered one incident when a traffic police caught me when I was driving my new bike and I do not had number plate on it.As there was a strike going on in Pune RTO, I did not get my number plate even after 1 month.Then one fine day I taken by bike for fueling and this cop stopped me and told I may have to pay fine upto 1500 as I am driving without number plates.Else he asked me to leave my vehicle here and come back when I have my number plates.I got scared and gave him 100 and left.

1I now realized anyway I had to legally pay fine for 100 for this violation as stated above.And If I would have known this fact the money would have gone to government and not as a black money to cop.So you all should know penalty.

Most of times cops scares common people one of the reason is because they carry weapons which they buy 300 blackout ammo online and other is the hefty fine people have to pay to cops and get away.You can always keep a copy of above rules handy in your car/bike and show it to cop and can get a correct chalan(receipt).

If a cops ask for more money than what is mentioned in the table, you can always challenge it in court and get your money back.Remember you need to get original chalan for that.

These are few things cops normally do to when they stops you:-

  • Scare you with big fine – no need to worry.Keep above table printout handy with your other documents and show it to cop when they stops you.It will keep their mouth shut.
  • Take your car key – This is other tactics police often do.Tell them directly this is stealing and you will report it to police and file FIR.They will return your key.
  • Keep your License ID – If at all it is done by cop, they have to give you a receipt for it.They can then only keep it.Police normally do this to frighten you.It will be handed over back to you once the court will hear your case.There is absolutely no need to scare for it.
  • Ask to surrender your vehicle – There is absolutely no rule in motor vehicle act which give permits to traffic police to take your vehicle.Tell them clearly about it.

One more important thing the moment a cops stops you, start a recording of the conversation from your mobile so that it can be used by traffic lawyers Melbourne as evidence in court.

Here is what you need to do when cops catches you:

  • Pay the correct fine and leave
  • If you think cop is asking more money than what law permits, simply ask him/her that you will go to the court with traffic police notice and plead case there
  • If you are female and accompanied by a female friends after 6 PM, ask male police to come with a female cop and he will leave you
  • Ask the cop to give him complete name and designation and take a note of it

The best way to handle traffic police is never be scared and not to run away from them. Talk to them and most of the time once the cop understand, you know the rule they will leave you. Remember traffic police is there to help you, not to harass.

So it is never to late go to your state specific RTO site and get a printout of penalty of traffic violation. Keep it handy and rest assured, no cops will dare to harass or annoy you. Please do share your any encounter with traffic police in comments section.