TrackID review – Track your Kid and Family

As promised I am going to review TrackID in this post.I am very excited to review his product as this is the first of its kind in India.

What is TrackID – TrackID is a small device which will give real time location update of your kid and family.This device can be kept in school bag or personal bag.Real time monitoring can be access thru a mobile phone or PC.

So lets see why you need it?

  • You want to know in real time where you kid is?
  • Know School drop and pick up time of your kid
  • Hear surroundings of your kids
  • Know if your kid leave a particular zone/area
  • A convenient way to track kid without giving them Cell phone

Here is an intro video you like:


TrackId important feature:

  •  Small device to hide it anywhere – As the device is small and compact, it can be hidden it bag, purse or waist band.
  • Locate and get real time map update for your kid with an sms – Location update happens after every 5 seconds.So you always get real time update.Also location can be monitor on smartphones,ipad or PC.Even if you do not have these, you can track location by sending an sms.It can be very useful in situation where you are waiting to pick up your kid on a school bus stop.You can know real time location of school bus too.
  • Get regular alert about your kid location – Set alerts for specific location and get alerts when kid reaches or leave a certian location
  • Hear surroundings – Call to certain number and it will automatically connect device to let you hear surroundings for your kid.
  • Zone alerts – Create safe zone alert for known places and get notified your kid enter or leaves that location.You can get alerts by sms or email.Also get weekly , monthly report for history of locations.
  • Track everything without Internet – No internet no problem, you just need to send sms to use all of its functions.Please see below major commands to get track info from sms.
  • Once charged it will work for 24+ hours
  • Monthly charges are starting @ 299 INR per month





How it works?

TrackID is a GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled device which uses wireless GSM network ( Same as mobile phones) to transmit geographical location to a web based portal or mobile devices.It is very different from cell phone tracking E911 technology which uses cell tower to trace deviceAn E911 technology uses three nearest cell tower to triangulate device location.GPS is more accurate than E911 technology.A real time update means device send it current location for every 30 seconds.It is important as if your kid go to a place where if there is no GPS signal, you still can trace him by checking their last location. GPS nowadays are very accurate and it is because of their multi parallel design.It can be accurate up to 90% and 15m in case of a building and in a open sky it can be 4-5 feet accurate.

Some limitation:

As this is newly launched in India, there is some limitation.But I am sure all these will be remediated in coming weeks.Lets see some of them:

  • As of today it works only on TATA docomo network and works in Bangalore,Delhi NCR and Pune.It is expected to launched in other cities soon.
  • Its app is only available to Android at present.Though by PC it can be accessed anytime
  • Only one way communication is possible in device as you can listen your kid surrounding, kid can’t talk to you
  • This device can be turned off as it has an power shutdown option (though you have press two button simultaneously to power it down), but made hard to reach so that it couldn’t be turned off accidentally or by a third person
  • If device is turned off, you cannot monitor activity
  • Though monthly services charges are less, device cost in INR 6000.Which I think is little costly.But still not costly than your kid.


Monitoring kid nowadays is very important for parents and as per the crime activity in metro, It is must to equip yourself and your kid with all possible tools.In case of any unwanted or your child goes missing, this tool will be very handy to trace him/her.I will highly recommend this for your kid.Do not forget you share your thoughts.

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