Top Tools to Create and Track Hashtag [Infographic]

The hashtag is a very important tool for a blogger. If you use Hashtag wisely, you can increase traffic and make you post popular. Along with a quality content, you need an appropriate Hashtag. In this post, I will Explain some tools which will help you to find correct Hashtag for your post.

Let’s see first this Infographic to understand some facts about Hashtag.


[stextbox id=”info”]So now you know before posting on Twitter, Instagram other social media, you need to find Hashtag and use it to make sure your post will be searched easily.[/stextbox]

You need correct tool to find influencing hashtag and add it to your post. Let’s see top tools to create Hashtag:

Hashtagify –

My Personal favourite free tool for Hashtag finder.


Some if its feature includes:

  • Search Hashtag related to a topic
  • Top influencers of a topic
  • How frequently it was used recently or in the past
  • Top twitter posts on that topic

Here is a video tutorial about how I find Hashtag using Hashtagify:

Hashtracking –

A perfect paid analytics tool to curate content and create communities. Package starts from $29 per month.


Some of its feature includes:

  • Explore hashtag related to your site or on a particular topic
  • Find Hashtag history activity
  • Find engagements about a Hashtag
  • Detailed report of influencers
  • Separate Instagram analytics

Tagboard –  


A free tool to analyze a particular Hashtag. You can find the latest Twitter post related to that topic using this tool. You can see statistics about a particular keyword, how much it is used etc.


Hashtag provides you more traffic and better rich. Using it efficiently with your quality content can make your content viral. [stextbox id=”info”]Every blogger must understand the importance of Hashtag and must use it for every post. There are tools available in the market to find right Hashtag for your post and make your post popular.[/stextbox]


I will continue to add more tools to this post. Please let me know how you find correct Hashtag for your post? How often you use Hashtag in your tweet or pictures? Looking forward to hear from you.

  • Thanks for the insight Ravi.

    I am a newbie in Blogger world and use a hashtag which has never been taken on instagram and twitter. How can my hashtag gain the popularity?

    • Thank you for your comment Upasna. Please check out the video in the post to learn how I find the right hashtag for my post. You can either use trending hashtag for your post or create a new one. Hashtagify is personal favourite tool to find Hashtag.

  • Dear Ravi,

    I really dont know that the hashtagswill give us more search results. I post lot of articles in facebook, instagram Etc without hashtags.

    from now I will follow you, so that I get more clarity on how to use hashtags.

    • Thanks Ramana for the comments. Yes, the hashtag plays a major role to bring more traffic to your post. People often search on twitter and Facebook using a hashtag. If you use it , there are more chances to get new visitors.

  • I am a photographer and so my clientele is local only. Is there any value to using non-local hashtags? What would the point B when I can’t see them as potential customers? Is there any value to a huge list of followers that are not potential customers? Thank you!

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