Top 9 Must Tools for Blogger

Today in this post, I am going to discuss the top 9 tools used by blogger to efficiently managed their time and create effective content. Every blogger thinks differently, and these ideas are from my experience which will increase your productivity.

Why you need these tools first place?

A blogger has to put a lot of time to create an idea for a post, gather all data and then put it in all together. Tools make your life easier. You will be able to utilize your time better and can create viral content quickly. A blogger also has to do a lot of work like Blog commenting, forum, Guest post, own blog management, answer questions and may more.

Unless you manage your time very well, you will be behind other bloggers.

smart work

Let’s see some of the tools which can make your life simple:

Evernote –


Evernote is a sticky note kind of app for mobile phone. It provides the feature of taking notes and sharing it with others. A blogger can use it to note down ideas as and when they get it. I use it mostly when I get an idea about a post. I also used it to note down bullet points related to that post. It is a free app available for ios and Android.

Smaller Laptop –

My new desk, set up

Well, every blogger has a different opinion about it. Some prefer a bigger laptop, some prefer small or desktop. I suggest using a smaller laptop, less than 13 inches. You can use it easily for travel or if you like to write outside like in a park or an open area. It also has a better battery life.

A smaller laptop can be connected to a big monitor using a docking station and can be easily used in the home. This can be the best combination for a blogger to work outside or within the home. You can buy small PC or laptop online from Flipkart or Amazon.
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Whiteboard –

A very good tool for the blogger. You can use it for writing ideas, to do list or for sticky notes. I use it often to explain a particular flow or method. You can create your own diagram and then take a picture and share it on your blog.


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Time management tool –

Some blogger may not feel this software is important. But after using it personally, I am very much impressed. It let me know where exactly I am spending most of my time.


You can use it to check how much time you devote to blogging activity. Some people use too much time to social media,  gaming etc, they can benefit a lot from such tool. One of the best tools I use personally is Rescuetime.

 Mobile App for WordPress and Blogger –

You can’t be online all the time on your PC. You need the app for WordPress or Blogger to moderator comments or check stats anytime. These apps are available for Ios and Android platform.


Email Marketing tool –

This is a must for all blogger. Email marketing tool lets you collect email from the subscriber through a subscriber popup. You can give an option to your blog readers to get regular updates through the subscriptions and also send your regular email campaign to them. You must have noticed the email subscription in my blog at the right bottom.


A bigger email subscription list lets you send the regular campaign to your readers and promote your product or send a notification to larger group. If you have not created email subscription yet for your blog, you can try Mailchimp, Aweber or Getresponse.

Screen Recording tool –

Screen recording tool is often required by a blogger to create video tutorials to be used in your blog post. There are various tools available in the market to capture your screen. Blogger uses it often to create video review to make their post viral.

Screen recording

I use Screencast-o-matic to create video tutorials and review. It is available in free and paid version. You can have a look to my Youtube video channel for video tutorial example.

Post Proofread –


A blogger needs some tool to proofread the post before publish. There is an inbuilt option in WordPress for proofreading. Y0u can also use Microsoft Word or external tools like Grammarly to verify your spelling and Grammar before publishing articles.

Keyword research tool –

A blogger also needs a tool to research keyword to get blog topic idea. You need to know what keyword is currently most active and high paying in AdWords.


Once you write about that keyword, it has more chances to become viral and most shared. There are tools available in the market to find most active keyword widely used in the market. You can try SemRush or Market Samurai to find high paying keyword.


Blogging life is not easy. They face challenges every day. Tools make your life simpler. You need to be aware of tools and have to actively use them to manage your time and effort.

The list I have mentioned is not comprehensive and a lot need to be added in that. I would like to know from you all what others tools you want to add in this list? Also please what tools you use for your blogging?

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