Thrive Themes in 2020 – Infographics Timeline

Thrive Themes recently posted a new article about their 2020 Journey. In this post, I have drafted the article in a Infographics timeline.


Personally , I am a great fan of Thrive Themes and using it from last 4 years. There were lot of announcement and new product launched from Thrive Themes. Here is the original post, you must read it.

There are few highlights I would like to mention here which happened in 2020 for Thrive Themes

Thrive themes in 2020 Infographics timeline-min
    Freelance Digital Marketing Guide
  • Parallax feature in Thrive Architect
  • Freelance Digital Marketing Guide
  • Toggle Element Rebuild in Thrive Architect
  • Tabs Element in Thrive Architect
  • Dynamic Text Control in Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Theme Builder Launched
  • Shapeshift Theme
  • Helping Solopreneurs Take Their Business Online courses
  • Thrive Theme Builder Became Available for Everyone
  • Audience from Scratch Course
  • Lead Generation Custom Fields in Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Theme Builder integration with WooCommerce
  • Table of Contents reloaded in Thrive Architect
  • Header Transition in Thrive Architect
  • File Upload Feature in Thrive Architect introduced
  • SEO Sprint Course Launched
  • Improved Search for Help Articles
  • Official Facebook group for better help and Support
  • Social Follow icon redesigned
  • WordPress Login Screen branding
  • Thrive Apprentice Improvements
  • New countdown in Thrive Architect
  • Sales Page Blueprint course

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What an amazing year for Thrive Themes, lot of achievements, new product, features and many more.

One of the best product for WordPress I ever used. I want to wish all the best for Thrive Themes and looking forward for new features.

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