Thrive Ovation Review – Best Testimonial Plugin For WordPress

As promised here is the Thrive Ovation review. Thrive Ovation is the latest addition to the list of Thrive themes product. It is Wordpress plugin used to create and display Testimonial or customer review on your Blog, Website or sales page.

What am I talking about?


As you can see above, If you display testimonial and customer review in a good way; there are more chances of getting sales, people trust you and more traffic to your blog.

Why you need a good WordPress plugin for Testimonial?

  • People love testimonial and you will have better chance of conversion/sales
  • People will trust you more with positive review
  • One place to manage all your testimonials
  • Single tool to import testimonial from social media, comments, email optin or manually
  • Quickly create testimonial in an attractive way on your blog or website
  • A systematic way to get approval from customer/readers to display their pictures and comments

How can Thrive Ovation help you?

One plugin to manage all your testimonials – 

If you have this plugin, you have a central place to store all your testimonials. Without it, you have to keep looking for testimonials in the email inbox, social media, and other places.


Thrive dashboard gives you a perfect view and you can also check how many testimonials are approved or pending approval.


Different way to create and save testimonials – 

Ovation provides a lot of ways to import testimonials; WordPress comments and Facebook & Twitter comments.


You can directly import comments from WordPress without copy and paste. Social media comments can also be directly grabbed into the testimonials easily.

Collect testimonial using landing pages and email optin –

That is another way to get testimonials, you can use landing pages and email optin.


If you have Thrive leads plugin and Thrive content builder installed, you can use landing pages and optin box to capture testimonial.

You can also use Google and Facebook API and ask the customer to uploads images.

Categorize testimonials based on tagThrive Ovation provides you a way to categorize testimonials using a tag. So you can easily group testimonial for a particular campaign.


Also, it makes it easier to search testimonials.

Get approvals from customer before publishing testimonial – 

There is some occasion where you need to get customer approvals before publishing their review along with their pictures. It is always advisable to get permission from them.

Thrive ovation gives you a systematic way to achieve it.



Display testimonial using different template – 

Thrive Ovation provides a lot of templates which you can use format the testimonials. It can be an individual or in a slide format. But if you still are insatiated with the myriad of formats that WordPress already provides, you may promptly contact Devio developers to acquire better ones.

All this can be done with a click and Thrive Ovation can quickly grab your testimonial in a beautiful template.

Have a look to some of the templates below:



Please check out this video tutorial of Thrive theme Ovation to understand it better:

Option to create dynamic Testimonial using tag –

You never have to update testimonial again if it has been changed. You have an option to dynamic testimonial using a tag. So whenever a testimonial is updated from your Thrive dashboard, it will automatically be updated in your landing pages and post.


Pricing – 

So how much it cost? It cost $39 for the single site license. As an introductory offer , Thrive themes is offering it at $19.


Though it can be used independently, It will highly recommend usingThrive leads and Thrive content builder.


Please note it comes with 30 days unconditional money back Guarantee.

Read the Thrive leads review here:

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Thrive leads and Thrive content builder will cost you $67 each for a month and I highly recommend it.

I have used it personally and I love this product and it is a must for every blogger and product owner. Testimonial will not only build trust but increase your sales. Your visitors will convert into customers.  Thrive Ovation also helps you to create testimonial quick and easily.

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