Thrive Leads Review – How it Different from Optinmonster

I recently got a chance to review Thrive Leads for my blog and I am completely blown away. This product is amazing to build Email subscriber list and is very easy to use even for a non-technical blogger.

I am going to review Thrive Leads in this video tutorial and also share a table to compare it with Optinmonster (another email optin builder form).

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Let’s see the definition and some facts about Thrive Leads in below Infographic:

Thriveleads Infographics review

Lets see some of the features of Thrive leads that lead to an optimised outsourced lead generation:

Range of Optin form types – 

Thrive Leads has all possible optin form types. You will never run out of options and can target every place of the blog to generate leads.

Some of the important form types are Lightbox Overlay (Popup), ThriveBox 2-Step Optin, Optin Widget, In-Content Form, Ribbon, Slide-In, Screen Filler, Content Lock.

Smartlinks – 

This is a unique concept from Thrive Leads which provide you a link which displays optin form based on the subscription of the reader. For example, you can use Smartlinks in email campaign where if a subscribed user tries to open links; he or she will not see any optin forms.

This will make you blog looks cleaner.

Exit Popup – 

As an owner of the blog,  your job is always to get the maximum sale or email leads. To achieve this, you should make sure every reader of your blog must subscribe. So it is every important to show a popup at the right time when the user tries to exit your website. Clickfunnels alternative 2019 is perfect for creating landing pages, sales pages & opt-in pages.

Exit popup shows a time delay or when a user tries to exit your blog. This will ensure that we try to attempt one last time before they will close the window of the browser.

A/B Testing – 

Thrive Leads select the best campaign or optin form which is performing well. Suppose you create 10 different groups of optin forms, the best one will always be on top.

This will give you more time concentrating on creating the best forms and Thrive lead will take care of the rest.

Different Trigger options –

Along with good optin forms, you need to select right time to trigger it. This is required for maximum conversion. Thrive Leads provides you different time option triggers like Exit trigger, time trigger, scroll trigger and click trigger.

Click trigger lets you open popup on clicking on a link or button to your post.

Well-defined targeting –

You need to target the optin forms at the right place. For example, you cannot share same blogging ebook to ask the user to subscribe to your blog. You need to target different optin forms based on the content.

Thrive Leads lets you target forms based on category, post, page or any custom URL.

Best in class Reporting – 

Thrive Leads has one of the best and extensive reporting. You always know which optin is performing well and can take action accordingly.

Notification Manager – 

Thrive Leads recently introduced this feature to create the notification when some event occurs. For example, send an alert email to you in case someone subscribed to your email campaign. Here is one example-


Full customizable forms – 

All the forms and template in Thrive leads can be fully customized. You can change colors, Text and add new components to the forms like video, audio etc.

Here is a video review of Thrive Leads and insights- How it works:

Now, lets see some quick difference between Optinmonster and Thrive Leads.

[table id=11 /]

Conclusion – 

As you see there is not much difference Thrive leads and Optinmonster except price.  But here is a difference. Most of the feature of the optinmonster is available in pro version. So you have to pay $199/year to get all features in Optinmonster.

Thrive Leads, on the other hand, comes with the one-time price of $67 for one site. Also, it offers all services and forms with the package.

From a blogger point of view, Thrive Leads is a better deal as it offers more templates and has a better conversion rate.

On a scale of 10, I will 9 to Thrive Leads and 8 to Optinmonster. But whatever it is , you need to choose one tool and start getting more leads to email subscribers. This is very important for your success as a blogger.

I hope this review helped you to get quick information before you decide to try Thrive Leads. Click here to try Thrive Leads today risk-free for 30 days.

  • Hi Ravi,
    I will prefer Thrive Leads plugin any day. Not only because it’s value for money, but I like their support as well. I bought their Agency license a year back and I’ve been satisfied. Though I only use Thrive Leads and their page builder. I somehow find their themes to be inefficient, but their plugins are really good!

    • Thank you for your comment Saksham. No doubt, Thrive lead plugin is one of the best in the market. Though I have tried their themes as it is little costly.

  • Hello Ravi,

    First of all thanks a lot for going in depth and giving a comprehensive review on Thrive Leads and the difference between Optinmonster and Thrive Leads. To be frank I have never used both of them but looks like I have to try for Thrive themes at some point of time. I am using Sumo Me Free plugin and also tried Divi Builder which I found the best of the builder segments. Thanks for sharing the informative post and have a great day ahead!

    • Thank you for your comment Guru. Indeed Optinmonster and Thrive leads is a great way to increase your email subscribers. It has more feature than what Sumome offers. I will suggest you to try it.

  • While getting their email addresses is the first step, and developing a relationship with your subscribers is the second step, and third and final step would be the sale, you can’t get to that second or third step without the first one, right?

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