Thrive Leads Review – How I Generated 100 Email Leads in a Week

I am going to share my experience and videos about how I generated 100 email leads in just a week using Thrive Leads.Before I go forward you may want to read detail review of Thrive Leads here.


Read Detailed Review Of Thrive Leads Here

Before I go forward you may want to read detail review of Thrive Leads here: 

Thrive Leads Review – How it Different from Optinmonster

Thrive Leads is a leading WordPress Email lead generation plugin for WordPress. It provides a simple editor to create optin forms. You can target your email optin based on post, categories etc. You also have option to use A/B testing. Today in this post, I am going to share my experience and review of Thrive Leads and how it proved useful within a week.

How I Generated 100 leads in a week using Thrive Leads?

I never used any email optin plugin earlier before Thrive Leads. I always wonder why I am getting visitors but they are not converting to email leads. Finally, Thrive Leads helped me to achieve 100 leads within a week. This helped me and proves every penny invested in Thrive Leads worth.

Now let's see my reports in the detail. You must make sure every visitors must optin to your email list. Thrive Leads provides you every tool to achieve it.


I am going to explain 3 types of optin forms which work very well for me. Please note creating an optin forms is very easy in Thrive Leads and everything is drag and drop.

Download this Free Pdf Checklist about How to Build Email list

Type 1 - Home Page Welcome plugin

This is an optin which every blogger must use. This will be visible on the front page or homepage of your blog. This can be used to promote your brand online or offer a free ebook for email optin.

Please Note

You can keep it as a textbox optin directly or invoke it using a button. This is working very fine for me. People who come on by blog using my homepage often subscribe to it.

There are two types of screen filler available in Thrive Leads; screen filler and scroll mat. The difference between them is, you can ignore scroll mat but not screen filler. Screen filler makes sure user will pay attention to the optin.

How I generated 100 email leads in a week using Thrive Leads?

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The best part of Thrive Leads is A/B testing. I simply loved it. It lets you compete for more than one optin form with each other and let it decide the winners. Using this, I have selected the winner between scroll mat and screen filler.

Let's watch this video understand how I have created optin and used A/B testing:

Type 2 - Exit Intent Optin

This is the best and my favorite optin. This is one optin which has given me maximum lead. This is the single reason why I purchased Thrive leads.

Exit intent optin is the last place in your blog where you throw an optin when a user tries to exit. 

An Exit intent optin is important because:

    • You can ask user to grab last minute offer
    • Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter before they leave
    • Offer them a free ebook related to your niche
    • Ask them to get offer by email as it may not be available later

I am getting a very good result of exit intent optin and I am planning to expand it and add a different kind of offer before visitors leaves my blog. Here is one example from my blog:

Type 3 -Thrive boxes

This is the third type of optin I use for my blog. This is a two-step optin in which an optin box is displayed once a user clicks on a link or a button. This is a good way to direct user for a call to action.

This also makes sure a user will not get a popup box by itself but triggers only if a user is interested. I use it on my homepage as well as within every post. Have a look at examples below:

Point To Note:

Please make sure you highlight the button or include the link in a highlighted box to get user attention.


I am using Thrive Leads for almost 2 months now and I am very happy with it. It gives me a lot of ways to get email leads from visitors.

Thrive popup, Exit optin and Thrive two steps optin is giving me best results so far and I have already started building my email leads. Though I am a still a newbie but I am on my way to get 1000 email subscribers.

I will highly recommend new bloggers to try Thrive leads to start building their email list. It has all type of optin popup you need for your blog. Remember, whether you are a newbie or expert blogger, you have to start building the email list from day one.

Please do not forget to share it with other bloggers, who are looking to build their email list. Also, I would love to hear your comments about the Thrive Leads. Would you like to try it?