Thrive Apprentice Review – WordPress Plugin to Create Online Course

Online course is a great way for every blogger to earn more money and attract email leads. In this post, I am going to review Thrive Apprentice which is a WordPress plugin to create online courses to turn your WordPress Website into a virtual learning platform.


Why You Need an Online Course For Your WordPress Blog

  • Share Your Knowledge with the World
  • Organize your idea and thought in an online course
  • Easier for users to read and understand the concept
  • Monetize the course and earn money
  •  Generate Email leads by Offering Free course
  • Create Your authority and expertise by offering course

What Is Thrive Apprentice?

Thrive Apprentice is a premium WordPress plugin to create online courses for your blog. It will virtually make your blog in a online learning tool.

You can use these courses to generate income or offer free courses to get email leads. 

As per the estimate top bloggers earn almost 20%-30% of the revenue from online courses.

Thrive Apprentice helps you to create courses in form of video, audio or text. It has also integration with Thrive Architect to create attractive pages for your courses.

How To Create Your First Online Course in Thrive Apprentice

Now Lets see how to create your first online course in Thrive Apprentice.


Install Thrive Apprentice

Once your purchase Thrive Apprentice, go to Thrive product manager and install Thrive Apprentice

Install Thrive apprentice-min


Select Page Where You want to host

Select the page or create a new page where you want to host it and create course name.

You can describe the course with some text and video and select featured image.

create course step 1-min

Create Your New Course In Thrive Apprentice


Create new Course, Chapter, and Lesson

It is time to create new course, chapter and lesson. 

You can categorize your courses by topics. You can update Author, description and topic details here.

If you want to update user details, you can choose user--> Profile to update it.

course overview-min

Create New Courses

course details-min

Create Chapter and Lessons


Set Advanced Properties

Once your course is ready, you can set advanced property.

Set Difficulty level- You can choose easy, Intermediate, advanced or expert. It will help user to understand the diffculty level.

Retrict acess-min

Set Restriction - You can keep the courses available for everyone or you can restrict it to logged in only.

Set Roles - You can also set roles which have access on courses.

Thrive Apprentice Integration With Sendowl

Thrive Apprentice in itself do not have the option of allowing the user to buy a certain course or packages of course.

That is why they have integration with a third party tool called Sendowl.

Sendowl allows you to checkout any package or course, enables user to make payment and then after the payment allows user to access courses in Thrive apprentice.

To integrate Sendowl with Thrive Apprentice, you can setup using settings menu option. You also need the API key from Sendowl.


But before you setup Thrive apprentice, you need to setup your courses in Sendowl, which user will buy from your WordPress blog. 

You can create individual or group of courses in Sendowl.


If you are wondering how much Sendowl cost, the package start from $9/month onward. 

Sendowl pricing-min

Benefits Of Thrive Apprentice

Create Professional design

Create Professional courses with super design template

Easy Navigation

Easy Navigation for your courses to browse through

Drag and Drop

Everything in Thrive Apprentice is super fast and easy to create. Your course will be ready in seconds.

Easy Integration

Easy integration to third party tool like Sundown to receive money for your courses

No Hostage

Unlike Other online courses tools, your courses will be always yours. This is the biggest benefits of Thrive Apprentice. You can use any other tool if you want in future.

Built in Subscriber's registration

Thrive apprentice has a built in subscriber registration to keep getting new subscriber for your blog

Works with Every WordPress Themes

Thrive Apprentice works with every Themes. So rest assured, you do not have to worry about that

Sidebar Widget

Use Thrive Apprentice sidebar widget to display featured training and courses.

Create Optin

You can also use Thrive Apprentice to collect optin from users and offer them free courses

Thrive Apprentice Demo With Example

Check out this video tutorial where I explained Thrive Apprentice with demo and example.

You will also find Thrive Apprentice quick start guide and how to create your first online course.

Thrive Apprentice Vs Learndash

Learndash is another WordPress plugin which is similar to Thrive Apprentice and is online learning management system.

It is important to understand the difference between Thrive Apprentice and Learndash and how it helps you to be a better online coach.

Thrive Apprentice


Good For 

Beginners, planning to start courses

Advanced user, who need more features

Course Protection

No, you have to depend on third party plugin like Membermouse

Has inbuilt support for course protection

Payment option

You can use third party tool like Sendowl to take payment and give access to courses

Option option of Paypal, Stripe, 2checkout to accept courses

Courses Option

Organize course in chapter and lesson.

Much more advance option like certificate, badge, lesson timer, drip-feed content and more


Starts From $67 (lifetime) with one year support

Starts from $159/year.

Try Free for 30 days

Thrive Apprentice Price and Bonus

There are two ways of to buy Thrive Apprentice.

You can either buy Thrive membership to get all of their products or can buy Thrive Apprentice individually.

Plugins with Thrive membership-min

Thrive Membership Benefits

Individually Thrive Apprentice only will cost from $67 to $127 depending on the number of the license. 

Thrive Apprentice Bonus


For a limited time, Thrive Apprentice is offering Online course plus software bundle at $297. This offer is valid between Feb 5th 2019 to Feb 28th 2019.

Is Thrive Apprentice really Worth?

As Online course is really picking up, it is a good idea to start your online course. This matter more if you have a WordPress blog and you want to monetize it.

A course will not only help you to earn more from content but also gives you option to collect email leads.

For example if you are a food blogger, you can create online courses based on recipes and earn more money.

You can also offer these courses as free to your readers to collect their emails.

Online courses help you to build authority or expert in your subject and gets your more traffic.


Try Thrive Apprentice risk free for 30 days and if you did not like it, you will get a full refund

My recommendation is to try Thrive Apprentice and you will surely love it. Try it risk free for 30 days and let me know how it works for you.

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