This Is Why Infographics Tools Is So Famous![Video]

Infographic is a great tool for every blogger. It helps you not only to explain a concept very well but saves hundreds of words. I personally am a great fan of Infographics and uses as much as I can in my post. In this post, I am going to explain four great tools I personally use to create stunning Infographics.

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So As I said Infographics is very useful and drives traffic to your side, lets see quickly what are advantages of creating Infographics for your blog:

  • You can explain a concept better using infographic than a plain text
  • User needs less time to read the articles
  • A human mind loves to see more pictures instead of words
  • A post with an infographic is likely to be more shared
  • Social media like Pinterest and Instagram are created for image sharing like Infographics
  • Most of the viral post which was shared has Infographics

Download quick checklist on how to create attractive Infographics.

What influencer say about Infographics:


How I create Infographic?

I uses 4 tools to create my Infographic. These tools contain a lot of graphics and shape and it makes it very easy and quicker to create Infographics. Lets see it one by one.

Canva – 

My personal favorite tool to create Infographics. It has free and paid images, shapes, different text , graphics and so much to work with. Everything is drag and drop. Let me explain this tool using below video.

Any paid images of Graphics will cost you $1 per image. I will highly recommend to use it.

Venngage – 

Venngage has more features for creating Infographic. It is a good and must tool for all serious and professional blogger and graphic designer.


It has a vast library of maps, chart, graph, pictogram and lot of other graphics. It has tons of Infographic templates to choose from; and you can easily change color, text, and other components.

It has a full drag and drops feature and you can change every aspect of an object like color, size, orientation etc.

You can download it as png,jpg, pdf or share it on any social media. It has a free package with limited features; paid version start from $19/month.

Visme – 

Visme is another tool to create Infographic. It has a thousand of icon and free images to make an interesting infographic.


You can add media, sound and other media to make your images interactive. You have the option to animate object, add links or create a popup animations.

I love this tool as this cost only $3/month. Please find details of the features available with paid version of


It has hundreds of templates for Infographics and you can easily customize the text, fonts, and image.


Infographic is a great tool for a blogger to create quality content. Along with a quality article, you need  to have a good Infographic to make you post viral. People are more likely to share a post with an infographic.

Also, sharing on social media is easier on sites like Instagram, Pinterest etc.  These tools make your life easier to create Infographic. They have all built in component for Infographics and the only thing you need is to add text, icons, data and some images.

I hope this post and video demonstration helped you to understand the process of creating Infographic. Though it looks difficult but trust me it is very easy to create it using the tools.

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