This Friendship day dedicated to my cool Roommates!

With Tarun,Prashant,Vishnu,Sandi and Alok

Everyone specially youth of India is celebrating Friendship day today , along with me!I would like to dedicate it to my old roommates.I had stay with many of my friends, I would like to mention few of them which stayed with me and then become my close friends.We usually remember all of our friends on this day and wish and thanks them to be our friend.I would also like to thanks and wish them and all of my friends a Happy Friendship day!



Karthik – Hmmm it was a wonderful combination of North and south India.We were roommate for 3 years.Such a nice and gentle guy who love to enjoy the life fullest. Always help me whether I ask or not. SSN hostel day in collaboration with Cedars Housing, was amazing and was a great  fun. I last met him 4 years back.I wish you all the best for your future buddy!

Vikash– My UGmate and one of my best friend ever.We roam so many places together, learn and work with each other.Thanks for your secret Maggie recipe.A wonderful cook and gently taught me so many things.Thanks for sharing your thought and be my friend.Now he is married so all  the best for his new and coming life.



Lav -My UG &PG mate at SSN.Not was my roommate but was my neighbor.After my room I spent most of my time there.A nice guy to hangout.He love breaking news and I was the main source (India TV :)) We prepared assignment together and shared best moments.Our college days and specially project time was amazing and time to remember lifetime.He also recently got married and here my good wishes for his future.

Devasis – Or better called DM.A very nice and gym loving guy.Stayed around 6 months with him in Hyderabad.Learnt a lot of tips from him about how to keep myself fit. He become such a good friend in sort span of time.A very cheerful and now as he is in pune hope to meet more to him.But as he is a very busy person hope to meet you sometime when you find time 😉




Prashant – I was his roommate for not more than 20 days.As I was searching room for myself I stayed with him for someday.Become one of my best friends soon.Recently got engaged so all of best to him.Way to go buddy!

Malu and Sorabh – Well my Pune journey started with these 2 roommates.Malu is wonderful and decent(as described by most girls) guy.Love to go to new places.A real and tru friend.You can ask it from any of his friends.I miss your kheer buddy! Sorabh is also a cheerful and loving guy.I am waiting for your marriage guys.Hope I will get my blanket of my choice in your marriage guys.

Malu and Sorabh


So as said many times life without friends is nothing more than a prison.You can share everything with your friend which you can’t shared with anyone.My and anybody is life is incomplete without them.I would like to end this blog with this quote.Good nite!

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
Albert Camus