The Unconventional Guide to Hubpages[Infographics]

I am going to discuss Hubpages in this post. Hubpages is an online community where people write articles, engage in the community via forums, Q&A and earn money with the revenue sharing program.

What is Hubpages?

Hubpages is an online community where a writer is known as hubbers; write an article, engages in the community via forums, Q&A session and earn money using revenue sharing via Google Adsense.

Why is Hubpages so popular?

Hubpages is absolutely free which helps a writer to get viewers, make a brand, get backlinks and earn money. Hubpages has an Alexa Global ranking 2,437 and Google page rank of 6.

It is an excellent place for a writer to start and get good viewership. You can also share knowledge and help people with Question and answer sections in Hubpages.

Another best thing with Hubpages is , it has built in drag and drop capsules like text, video, images, vote etc to create content quickly. You always have to think about writing content.


So in a nutshell here is a summary of benefit you will get from Hubpages:

  • Brand name as a writer
  • Quality backlink
  • Share knowledge
  • Get readers from Hubpages
  • Earn money
  • Make networking with other hubbers



How To Create Article on Hubpages – 

Signing up on Hubpages is quick and easy. You can also signup using Facebook. Once you are logged in, you can go and create a new hub.


Once you click new hub, you can select the topic, title, and format of the hub. Once you move next; you can start writing a hub.

Within the article, you can include the section called capsules. It can be a video, image, Amazon ads, poll, question etc. Everything is drag and drop and can easily be populated. I will talk about it more in the video tutorial.


Video Tutorial of Hubpages:

Some Guidelines for writing best article on Hubpages:

  • Find a search friendly post title
  • Write a detailed article of at least 1000 words
  • Choose a topic which is somehow new and untouched
  • Write on Hubpages regularly
  • Participate in other community activities like Q&A, forum, and contests
  • Upvote other hub articles and leave a useful comment
  • Article should be well formatted and have relevant images
  • Add other relevant capsules like a video, map or a poll
  • Make sure you create attractive images

How To Earn money from Hubpages – 

There are two ways people earn money from Hubpages; Google Adsense and Amazon product referring. The more traffic you get to your article, the more money you make.

Earn money from Hubpages using Adsense and Amazon refer

Hubpages follows 60-40 ratio to share the revenue with writer and company respectively. Remember to link your Adsense and Amazon accounts with your Hubpages to keep earning from your article.

Top hubbers are making thousands of dollars per month from Hubpages.

Difference Between Hubpages and WordPress:

It is worth to know the difference between WordPress and Hubpages. Here it is:

Hubpages vs wordpress difference





Some other interesting facts about Hubpages:

  • Hubpages is all about community, make sure you make new friends, answer questions and comment on other hubs
  • Report article if they are over promotional or obscene
  • Win Hubpages accolades and display it on your personal websites
  • Fan mail is a great way to appreciate fellow hubbers
  • Follow other hubbers and create networking


Hubpages is a great place to make new friends and join a bigger community. You will not earn money by writing but also create a brand of yours.

If you have a blog, I will highly recommend creating a similar article on Hubpages to have a backlink and join thousands of writer.

So what you are waiting for, join the Hubpages and show your article to the world. I would love to hear from you. Do share your thoughts using the comments section.