The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Website Push Notification

There are a lot of attention going on currently for creating push notification on reader’s browser for your blog post. I am going to explain what are the benefits of push notification and how to use it to bring your readers back to your blog. I am also going to compare Pushcrew and Pushengage; two great tool to create a free notification for desktop and mobile devices.

What is a Push notification:

Push notification is clickable popup message which appears on your mobile and desktop devices. The website can send direct push notification who have subscribed to the notification from their web browsers.

Website owners can send the push notification to the browsers. The readers do not have to be on the website. They just have to be on the browsers or on their mobile devices.

Desktop and mobile push notification
Desktop and mobile push notification

How Push notifications actually Works?


How Push notification works?
How Push notification works?

What are the benefits of Push notification for Bloggers and e-commerce owners:

Push notification difference


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Now let’s see some detail how Push notification will benefit you as a blogger:

Real-time communication with your users right from the browsers – 

By using push notification, you can send update or notification to your readers desktop or mobile in real time. You do not have to rely on them to open their email inbox.

Whatever they are doing on the browsers, they will get the notification. They do not have to on your blog.

You do not need mobile app to get mobile visitors – 

Blogger or store owners often thinks , they need apps for mobile devices to target mobile users. With push notification works great with the mobile devices; you can push important notification quickly to the users and generate sales. You never need an app for the users to be in touch with your website.

Push notification infographics

Better opt-in rates than email –

People easily opt-in for push notification than to subscribe by email. People hesitate to share their email but opt-in for browser push notification is easy. Also, it is simple to unsubscribe.

Better click rates than email – 

Compare to email, you have 20%-25% more chances of click rates. As notification is short and direct, there are more chances to get attention.

URL in notification makes it better – 

A notification has the option to include URL, which makes it easier for a blogger to redirect the user to a specific website. For example, web hosting offer or a WordPress theme offer can be pushed to your readers with the URL so that you can get the commission for it.

Tools to create Website Push Notification-

Pushcrew and Pushengage are two great tools to send the push notification to your website/blog. Both comes as a plugin for WordPress or you can put a small code on your website to run it every time.

You have a lot of option in the tools to schedule and customize push notification. It also let you see detailed reports and analytics. Both also offers plugins for WordPress and Joomla.

It also has a feature of RSS-to-push notification to automatically send blog post update notification when you publish it.

You can also separately customize options for mobile devices; like position, color, text, font and other components.

Please find comparison table of Pushcrew and Pushengage below:

Pushcrew and Pushengage difference

Conclusion – 

As a blogger, you should not rely on only email subscriber tool. Desktop push notification is a great way to get repeated traffic to your blog or website. People can easily subscribe or unsubscribe from the browser or from mobile devices.

There are always more chances of opt-in rates and click-rates from desktop push notification. The best part here is you never have to share your email id.

[stextbox id=”info”]You can send a real-time notification to the users, and it can generate more subscribers and sales.[/stextbox] you can customize the look and feel of the notification and keep on changing it based on the response.

It is a must for every serious blogger to think about creating the new channel of traffic. Desktop push notification is one of them. Go ahead and try it.

In the future post, I will explain some more tool which can help you to create push notification.

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