The Dream Projects India need urgently-1

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Recent Pune blast is an eye opener for us and there is an urgent need to step up domestic security.Attack which happened in last year indicates we need to use more technology and improve our surveillance.I have it in mind for so long and this is the right place to share it.

India is a different country by its geography and population, so we need a different way to tackle it for ex the steps that are taken in US cannot be fully replicated here.We have more dense population and crowd, so from technical to manual a large number of changes required.Point to be noted here these projects are meant to counter terrorism. While there are many privately owned protection companies such as, there is still a big issue of protection on the whole when compared to a large scale such as a country.

So based on the inputs from intelligence agencies and learning from past we need following projects to start immediately.

Project Intellisense surveillance – This is the most important projects to counter terror.This will have a thermal camera to record and surveillance, but they are not ordinary cameras.They have artificial intelligence to pursue suspect.Here is an example.

Conceptualization of Intellisense CCTV

Suppose a suspect is trying  to keep a suitcase or any object(containing explosive material) in a crowded area.If it comes in view of CCTV, It will immediately detect is as a suspicious object, and red flag it.It will alert police control room too.Here comes the interesting part.CCTV camera will also communicate to each other.One CCTV will alert other camera to pursue suspect and so on.It will keep on pursue the suspect till it is in view.During pursue It will create a geographical map for suspect and send to control room.It will help security official to know location of suspect.

Feasibility – As discussed so many times earlier we need more CCTV cameras at sensitive place.We need to start it from metro cities.CCTV have more resolution and clarity to enhance images.Mostly CCTV footage in India has poor resolution resulting in difficulties in identifying suspect.Government is required to acquire better CCTV cameras and thus required a healthy funding for this project.We also need a separate control room for each city where it will be monitored.

A separate intelligence software is required to detect any suspicious activity, something like keeping any object in crowded area, parking a vehicle in crowded area etc.Also software is required to create a geographical map of suspect to track him to last point.

Create database of citizen – I heard sometime before about UID(Unique ID) program to create a record of citizen, but it was never implemented in a proper way.I heard some people have got it ( not more than 1 %)what about others?If Government have problem with funding, they may convert some existing ID like Driving license, Pan card to citizen Id and it will be a must for everyone  to carry all time.If we keep biometric record with us we can quickly identify any one.Terrorist often stay in India and then attack us, so this record will help us to identify non Indian who re staying in India illegally.

As per some estimation many Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Nepali people are staying in India.They often involve in anti social activities.We should immediately identify and send them back to their country.

 Intelligence search software – Gathering information is not enough, unless it is used in a proper way. Just surveillance  is not everything unless we get some feature with it.Like if we capture an image of a person by CCTV, we should be able to track the location of that person in live mode. Discover cloud video surveillance to manage your video surveillance from anywhere. Also other example might be to search location of vehicle by number.

This will help us to find anything in urgent situation like terrorist attack.

Equip NSG (National security Guard) with better equipment – NSG (A special Indian commando group to counter terrorism and situation like Hijack etc) need better ammunition and equipment.We need to create more NSG hubs around country.They need special gun with night vision, ip camera and better firepower.They face terrorist from front so their bullet proof jacket need to be modified.We seen it in last encounter during Mumbai attack. We lost some of our best commando as we lack equipment and technology.It was surprising to see them communicating with normal wacky talky radio.They should have hands free communicating devices.

Government must rethink and redesign NSG strategy and create a new set of equipment for them.

Create a better Cyber division – Recent attack of India shown terrorist are qualified professional and well educated.They use cyber way to hack network and computer.We need to beef up our security on network and internet.In Pune bomb last it was noticed that open wifi has been hacked and used in this attack to communicate.Also intelligence should be given power to t rack every network or internet flow from or to India.

Get A hold on Telecommunication lines – In last Mumbai attack terrorist used cell pones to communicate with controller in Pakistan.We need a better way to find a phone number and block it in a matter of seconds.It was not possible in that attack as police also was communicating by cell phones and they did not use any jammer to block phone lines.We should be in position to find and block any specific communication channels.As we have different cell hpone operators in India, they should better communicate with each other and help government to trace and block any signal.

Also we should keep a line on communication lines and can filter it based on keyword like jihad,hamla and other such keywords.Us is using these technique from a long time.When our government will wake up?

Train state police and equip them with latest technology – It is essentially a duty of local authority to train their policeman and give them better weapon.We should learn it from NYPD(New york police department)this is more applicable to city like Delhi,Bangalore,Mumbai,Pune,Gujrat etc.Most of time local help was given to these terrorist.So local intelligence needs to be improved.And Police should at least work honestly when there is question of national security.In last Mumbai attack, police lost some of their best officers because of non working bullet proof vest.

Central intelligence agencies and organization should be more transparent – HAL(Hindustan aeronautics limited) and DRDO(Defence research and development organization) are two leading organization of India which were established for around 40 years.They have not been able to give any useful indigenous product to country yet.They just eat taxpayer money.Government should disclose at least what these organization are doing if we have to buy all our defense technology stuff from other countries?

In the same way Indian Intelligence agencies like RAW, IB were unable to locate and trace any intelligence about Indian attack.Attack just keep on happening and they sit idle.Their primary job is to find and gather intelligence.We just not to allow to sit them doing nothing.If they need better equipment or funding , government should take steps for it.

Not all but some of the work which was done by these intelligence agencies should be allowed to display for public.We cannot sit idle for more time and wait for something to happen.We need to take some action.I don’t think we should depend only on government for this.It we who suffered in the attack so lets start with something.Lets share ideas.We individually can contribute a lot.

I will discuss more about  this in my coming blog.

A small scene from movie “From Paris with Love” demonstrating use of spy satellite to track and surveillance any suspect: