Texas Diary -1

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I am here at Texas and it deserve to be in my blog.It is a new place for me, new environment, new people and new thoughts.There are lot of things to speak about Texas but today I would like to mention the life and thought of Indian people live here.This view is my personal observation and I never intent to hurt or offend anybody.

From my observation I can classify people here in 3 categories:

  • Kind, Ready for help – These people are ready for help, you do not need them to ask.They meet you , greet you become your friend in no time.When you are abroad and away from your comfort zone, you mostly and firstly look for these people.Hard to find though.
  • Interact but with condition – They are most in numbers.They will help but you have to ask.They always expect something in return.You gotta to chase them for help.They mostly create group and be in that only.
  • Aloof, live in their own world – They have only one motive of coming abroad, Save money.There is nothing wrong in it but to do that only is a Big problem.They never become your friend, as this also involves money.They never help you and also never expect it from you.They are people who can live a year on Maggie.

My personal observation:

We all save money as this is very important part of our life.It secures future.But saving at the cost of present life is not worth of saving.My personal thought is you can earn money later but not time.Once it is gone it is gone.There is no turning back.So all those who are doing it think once again on your decision.

I personally like the American people attitude, their discipline and the way they express themselves.They are more expressive in their body language and never miss to greet others.Obey traffic rules and let other go impressed me. One thing we Indian need to work on back India.Hopefully sooner or later we will learn it.At least I hope Indian who returned from here will follow it back India.We need to be little more honest and disciplined.

Selfish IndiaIt worth to mention this picture already posted in my earlier blogs.Lets follow maximum as mentioned in it.This diary will continue in my coming post.This is 6:30 PM and time for my jogging.I will catch you in my coming post.











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