Solar power – A way to cut Electricity cost

People often ask me, is there any way to reduce electricity bill?Every state is one way or other increasing the per unit price of electricity. Especially in peak winter and summer, Bills are going up by 1000-2000 INR.I am going to discuss an alternative source of conventional power i,e Solar power.I am more focused on the benefit it has for common man and not for large business or factory. However, industrialists with large establishments may compare business electricity prices according to their needs and minimise costs.

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What is Solar Power – Solar power is an alternative to your normal electricity.According to Wikipedia: “Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly using concentrated solar power (CSP). Concentrated solar power systems use lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam. Photovoltaics converts light into an electric current using the photovoltaic effect”

So in short, Solar power convert sunlight into electricity by using a solar panel which we normally set up on top of the roof. Check out to learn how you can benefit from using solar energy. Lets see why Solar power is better option in India:

Compare to other countries, India has 70% to 80% coverage of good sunlight throughout the year. In most of the villages in India, we still do not have electricity. Even in the metro city we have the power cut for 5-10 hours.Solar energy is a good alternative which can save a lot of money for you. For Government also it is beneficial as it remove the electricity load burden from them and help them for a better planning.

How can a common man or household be benefitted from Solar power?

Water Heater: Indian Government provides a subsidy of 30% for household water heater Solar panel.So every individual or an apartment society can set it up. For an individual setting up a water heater, a solar panel will cost around 15ooo INR. Nowadays new society already considering of setting up a solar panel for the water heater on their roof. The water heater of geyser consumes up to 30% of power for every family.Converting them to solar power will save a good amount of  money. For more information on how to get this discount contact your local dealer of this Govt. website of New and Renewable source of energy: It also works well for villages. At least for hot water, we do not have to depend on Government.

 Solar lights: We can also recharge emergency lights using Solar power. This will be very useful in Village or in the metro city for summer and winter power cuts.You can purchase solar power lights from Flipkart. You can charge it during the day and use it throughout in the night. You can use Flipkart to buy Solar lights with ranges from 400 INR to 10000 INR.

 The Road ahead: Solar energy can make a big difference to every common man life. Instead of complaining to the government of not doing enough to provide us full electricity, we can search for the alternate source of energy and make ourself independent. It involves one-time investment and can save cost for years.If you are staying in a society which does not have the Solar panel, discuss with your neighbor and create a consensus to install the solar panel.

Some Solar lights :Flipkart
Solar lights :Flipkart

 The disadvantage of Solar Panel:

As with other power sources, Solar energy also has some drawbacks:

  • Cannot be used in nights as there will be no sunlight
  • Initial setup cost is more
  • Government is not showing much interest in Solar power as in other countries
  • Current subsidy from Government is not enough
  • Need space on rooftop to install

 What we need to do next: Lets aware people about the Solar power. We need to convince people that there is a one time cost for solar panel or equipment, but there is a saving also for the lifetime. I am sure once you have the solar panel installed in your premises, you will love sunlight more than ever. Please do write your suggestion using the comment section.

This below video from Ustoday clearly explains why India needs to switch to Solar power to reduce dependency on conventional power.

  • Using solar power is a wise decision. It help lots of people on their electricity problems. An energy saver that produce energy that can lighten up your house. We all know how reliable solar power technology is. That’s why by putting this one on your house, it will sure to make a visible cut cost through your electricity bills.

  • Fixing electrical problems on your own or having someone, without any prior experience, fix them for you can pose dangers. These dangers could lead to electrical shock or fires. An electrician is licensed and certified in the sate they work in.

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