Social Post Magic Review – Automate Your Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign Automation is very important for success of a blogger or a product owner. In this post, I will review Social Post Magic and how it can help you to schedule your post.


What is Social Post Magic?

Social Post Magic is a tool to automate Social Media Campaign. It will allow you to connect unlimited social media accounts, and then schedule the post at a certain date and time. You can view all your post on a calendar view, drag and drop them, reschedule them or add a new post.

You can even completely auto-post like Quotes or your WordPress blog.

It can save a lot of time for you and help you to be active on social media and getting more sales and followers. While growing your following should not be the sole focus of your social media strategy, it still pays to have as many followers as possible on social media platforms like Instagram. You can use paid tactics like buying Instagram followers to boost your popularity on the site. If you're considering trying this out for yourself, you might want to know that Followers are cheap if you use Upleap.


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Why You need Social Media Automation

A large part of the population of the world is attached to social media in some way or other. You need to tap this resource and be consistent with it. This is where Social Post Magic can help


Social Media Can Gets You New Customer

More than 70% of the customer uses some form of the Social Media to land on your business


Customer Can Find You thru Social Media

More than 30% of customer use Social Media to find relevant product


Social Media can Close More Deals

Users are more likely to deal with you if you are active on social media


Social Media Can get More Referral

If you have more followers on social media, there is likely to be more chances to get recommendation from users

Posting on social media yourself is a time consuming task. 

Search relevant post , get images and share post; day after day after day.

It is boring , time consuming and repetitive jobs.

Social media automation can save time and help you to focus on other things.

Frustrated blogger

Features of Social Post Magic

Unlimited Integration with Major social Media

Calendar View Scheduler

Get Detailed Report about Performance of the Post

RSS feed Integration to Auto Post Blogs and Website Content

Integration of Caption to include Quotes in the Campaign

To Check Full features of the Social Post Magic, please check full features of Social Post Magic

4 Easy Steps of Social Post Magic

  • Schedule

  • Post


  • Money



With this tool, Scheduling is so easy. You can schedule in advance for a month or for a year , all in one calendar view. This will help you save time and plan your campaigns for social media way ahead.

You can schedule post for different timezones.

Calendar Scheduler-min

Example and Demo

Launch Date and Price Of Social Post Magic -

Social Post Magic will be launched on Dec 1, 2020.

Compared to Other tools in the market, which cost thousands of dollar per year; Social Post Magic cost only $67 as one time fee for lifetime usage.

Please see below price comparison of social post magic with respect to other tools in the market.

Social Post Magic Discount And Bonus


Get Early Access of Social Post Magic at Just $67 with 30 Days money back Guarantee

The price for this product is kept at $67 which is much less compared to other tools like Buffer. The limitation of other tools are either they are limited with social media accounts or comes very costly.

This product is going to change the market.

Social Post Magic At a Glance - Infographics

Final Conclusion Of Social Post Magic

At the current price of just $67, you will not get a better deal. I used other tools in the market but they are either very costly or offer unlimited integration only with premium packages.

I will highly recommend it for any blogger, product owner, online business, or anyone who needs to engage their audience on social media or want to increase their followers, sales and engagement.

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