Siteground Review – Fastest WordPress Hosting (Must read review before buy)

Choosing a best hosting is a first step for your blogging. I am going to review Siteground WordPress hosting in this post. I will also explain why you should choose Siteground as your WordPress hosting and its pros and cons, to find the best hosting solutions you can see the bluehost review for great options for this.

Why Good WordPress Hosting is Important?

Choosing a good web WordPress hosting is first steps to be a successful blogger. Let me explain first why it is important to select a good hosting?



Speed is the most important factor to select your WordPress hosting. A cheaper or substandard hosting is slow and makes your blog loads slower.

No one likes slow website and it will make your visitor go away.


Customer and Technical Support

Good technical support is required when you are stuck with some issue. It is also required first time when you transfer or migrate the blog.

A cheaper hosting  do not have enough expert or technical support.


Quality not quantity

Most of the cheaper web hosting provides unlimited storage. It is good but not all the time. What you should look for is the quality.

That means it should offer SSD (solid state drive) for faster access.Speed is more important than unlimited storage.

Estimate your requirement and try to buy a quality web hosting


CDN and Cache Support

It is always good if your hosting have inbuilt support for CDN and Cache. It will make it easier to config and speed up your blog.

Premium hosting always offer it free with their package and you can manage it all from one place.


Auto Backup and Restore

Your web hosting should have feature of auto backup and recovery or else you have to pay for it separately.

This is very important, so try to find a good web hosting which provides this service free of cost with at least 15-30 days of backup. One needs greater OT protection and safety of their data.


Easy to scale

A good web hosting is easy to scale as your requirement increases. It should be easy to switch between packages.

You need it when you want to grow your blog, you need more space, bandwidth or simply more website to host.

Why I have Selected Siteground for my Blog?

I am using Siteground from last one year. I was looking for a reliable hosting to take my blog to the next level. After bit of research, I finally found siteground and thought to give it a try.

I found SIteground price is resonable (compare to other competitors) and it offers unlimited bandwidth with free CDN and SSL.

I will discuss all the features of Siteground in detail which is important and given me confidence to me for my blog reliability.

Pros Of Siteground


Faster Loading Time of Blog

This is the first reason why I started looking for a new hosting. A good web hosting will automatically boost up your blog. Loading time or speed is very important for your blog.

You may end up loosing visitors if your site is slow or does not loads in 1 to 2 seconds.

ravisinghblog blog speed-min

My blog loading time is now less than 2 seconds, thanks to Siteground.

The reasons for Sitegrond faster loading are; SSD, Faster web server, Super cache, CDN support, Http2 and php 7 support.

  • SSD
  • Faster Server
  • super cache/CDN

SSD stands for solid state drive technology. All the packages for Siteground has SSD which increase inout output processing and result in faster loading of your blog.

Siteground uses faster webserver NGINX which result in faster loading for your static content

Siteground provides you a WordPress plugin Super cache to further speed up loading of static as well as dynamic content. It is free with all plans of Siteground.

It also provides integration with Cloudflare (CDN) which will further speed up your blog with static content served faster.


99.99% Uptime As Promised

Most of the hosting providers promised 99.99% uptime but they have more downtime. I have never had any major issue with Siteground.

It is hardly that my blog is down and siteground is doing a great job.

siteground uptime-min

The reason behind this uptime are:

As per Siteground, they are using cutting edge redundant web server which makes sure site is up even if one node fails.

Technology like pro active monitoring which sense the problem early and try to fix it as soon as possible.

Automatic backup and backup on demand is a great option in Siteground to make sure you can restore your site in case of any attack.


Excellent Customer Support

This is one of the part which impressed me a lot in Siteground.

Siteground has professional WordPress expert who are ready to help you anytime.

You have option of live chat, Tickets, and phone 24/7 to contact support.

Customer support site migration siteground-min

My Website was transfered to Siteground in less than 6 hours by WordPress Experts

All the contact will be real human and no machine.

I found average response time is less than 30 mins and my whole blog was migrated in less than 12 hours.

Their WordPress support are also great help. See below screen.

Besides this,  you have option of Tutorials, webinars and wizard to help yourself.


Managed WordPress Hosting

Siteground has inbuilt support for managed WordPress hosting.

Siteground WordPress Hosting

One click WordPress install and setup for your blog will be ready in minutes.

Fully professional WordPress transfer by expert or by using wizard from cpanel.

Includes WordPress auto update for security. Inbuilt caching, image optimization, image optimization and more.



For every WordPress blog, SSL is a must. Google and other browser will show you a warning if you site is not protected with SSL.

Siteground provides you a free Standard SSL certificate from Lets encrypt. The best part is it is preinstalled on your WordPress site. So you do not have to do anything.

CDN is another feature which will speed up your blog when accessed from different geographical location.

Siteground has a integration with Cloudflare to offer this service free.


FREE 30 Days Backup

This is the part I loved most. Siteground offers 30 days free backup on all plans.

normally backup cost around $45/year but it is free with Siteground.

Also, restores are free on GrowBig and GoGeek plans and Just $19.95 one time fee for basic plan.

You have the option for on demand backup with a small fee.


Free Staging Environment

Siteground offers free staging environment from GoGeek plan onwards.

Staging environment is like a development environment (exact replica of your live website) where we can test risky changes.

For example sometime before you activate a plugin on real environment, you can test it on staging without damaging your live blog.

It is a great feature which comes absolutely free with Siteground.

Cons Of Siteground

There are two things, I think can be corrected.

First one is price, when we select month to month; the price goes way too high because of initial setup fee of $24.95 which seems to be unnecessary.

first month setup fes-min

The second one is storage which is limited in all the plans. So If you are looking for unlimited storage, this is not for you.

limited storage siteground-min

SiteGround Package – Which one To Choose?

Siteground has 3 Packages. Startup, Growbig, Gogeek.

for a newbie, Startup is best where you can host 1 website/blog with 10 GB webspace.

Siteground hosting packages

But my recommendation is to try Growbig where you have 20 GB webspace with upto 5 website. I personally use this package for my blog.

Benefits of Growbig package:

  • 20 GB Web space
  • Host upto 5 website
  • WordPress Special cache to boost your blog speed
  • Free Backup restore for your blog
  • Free Site transfer to Siteground
  • Priority support

Do I Recommend Siteground

Yes, very much. This is the best and cheapest option available in the market for WordPress hosting. So far my one year experience is wonderful.

The best feature I loved is reasonable price, Free CDN and SSL, 24/7 Support, Free daily backups, Free email services, Staging tools to test changes, Free WordPress transfer by experts, and cache plugins to speed up your blog.

You cannot beat these features with any other hosting in the market.

Please go ahead and try Siteground with 30 days money back guarantee.

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