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I recently came to know that  Shopify started their operation in India and I am very excited to write about it.So for all you who do not know about Shopify , I tried to explain about it and how it really help you to achieve your goal.Let see what is Shopify.

Shopify is an online tool to create shopping website to sell your product online.Now you do not need any Web technology or any technical knowledge to create your shopping site.For example you work at your home and make certain product like handicrafts, cardboard, greeting card, customized products like hand fans, poster, designer sarees etc, and you do not have any shop.You can sell these product directly through your website.Shopify will do everything in the background.Lets see a small video demonstration for it:


So basically Shopify will do following things for you:

  • Sale site hosting
  • Payment processing
  • Full security of your website
  • Customization for your site
  • Full control for tracking and responding of orders

Who can use Shopify?

  • New business owner
  • Existing business who want to grow on internet
  • Small business which just started and want to grow

Now lets see Shopify feature in detail.Let first see this video tutorial:


  • Customize Website – You can easily customize your website by existing themes. You can give them a new look or If you have little html and css knowledge, you can make modification in themes. You can create your theme by using liquid template of Shopify. You can also hire a shopify developer to create a new theme for you. Check out below tutorial for more details about look of website.
  • Quickly build and run your website – With Shopify you can quickly make your product online and start selling your products- click for more info.It will take care of listing of products, sell products,accepting orders and manage complete profiles of your customers.With CMS(Content management system) you can easily manage different pages and content of your site.It can also help you to create coupons and gift card to increase your sale.And the best part is its blogging platform which helps you to get in touch with your customer and share and interact with your customers.
  • Accept payment from various gateways – Shopify has payments options including Paypal,credit cards, online banking etc.Your customer can easily checkout with different payment options. Shopify can also be integrated with freelancing portals like, giving an easy path for money transfer from platform to platform. Also it has a 128 bit SSL layer to secure your payments.Your customer can make payments from anywhere in the world with different currency.It has shipping support for major shipping companies like USPS, FEDX etc.You have also option to include shipping charges manually.
  • Complete web hosting – It provides complete web hosting solution.You can select a hosting package according to your requirement.For domain you can choose either domain which will be like if you have your domain name, you can use it. It claims to have 99.4% uptime for servers which is good.
  • Integration with your site – Shopify also provides some extra features like social media integration. It include major player like Facebook, twitter by which your customer can spread word about your website. It also provides SEO (search engine optimization) features by which you can improve ranking of your site and hence better chances of having more visitors at your site. We use a digital marketing company in Chorley that specialise in shopify SEO. It has also email marketing, which helps you to get in touch with your customer by email to let them know about your new products.  And also like most other sites it provides you some credits for Google adwords and Facebook to advertise your site on internet.
  • Support for mobile devices – This is very important feature as more people are now purchasing stuffs from mobile devices.Your site will be fully compatible with mobile phone devices and your customer will face no difficulties in either purchasing or make payments from your site.It has also apps for iphone which lets you to access your site statistics/sale from your phone.
  • 24/7 Customer support – Well I can not comment on that much.But whenever I mailed them they responds quickly.I never tried them by phone though.

Lets also discuss some of the disadvantages with Shopify:


  • Hosting is not in your control – When you opt for Shopify hosting will be done at their servers.So in a way you cannot switch back from them.If you want to exit, you will loose your site too.In a way it is good also because, you continue to rely on one service providers and you do not have to switch back and forth and customize your site.
  • Not integrated with most of the shipping companies in India, though I can see Fedx in the list but it should come up with more companies in the list, so that shipping charges will be calculated manually and we do not need to enter charges manually.Also only in automatic shipping charges will be calculated only in costliest plan.
  • No support for Android – It has support for iPhone apps to manage admin control(site statistics) for your website but no android.People in India use more android devices, so they should come up with support for android.They have plan to bring a new app soon.
  • Lacks more free themes – I found less free themes for website, though we have 100+ themes, but most of them are paid.But in reality, If you want something good , you need to pay.

So to conclude this post, I found this is the best option for now in India to start a new business and go online in no time.It will help you to expand your business to all over world and help you to find new customers.It is really worth spending on it and give it a try.So if you are thinking to start a small business or expand and existing business why not try Shopify (it is free to use for 14 days) and it will make a difference in your business.

Why to wait to open a shop and then sell stuffs, go online and find your customers.Please share what you do to increase customer for your business.Also what you are doing online to get more customers and make them to stay on your website.Also if you need any help from me on Shopify, please contact me or use comments section below.

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