Sharing my recent India trip

I work at US and this is not the first time I have been to India.So you may feel this topic is common.But it is not as this is my first India trip from US.The difference is a big one and related to our personal behavior,Sanity,cleanness and lot others.I will discuss them in this post.I will also discuss difference I felt in India as it is something which is very difficult to explain to a person who never visited any developed country.

Disclaimer –

Let me put this disclaimer .I never try to be judgmental and everything is my personal thought and experience.Others may have different opinion.I also do not try to defame my own country, but only want to openly discuss the issue and how we should get rid of it.

Why this post?

I really felt a difference when I was in India.There are few things which has been done but still we need to improve a lot.There are small thing we never care because of education,culture,awareness or nobody told us about it.Moreover I also felt people are little stubborn and do not want to change.All these points make this topic very interesting.I just wanted to attract attention we faced daily.I would love to know your thoughts and comments.

Lets go to issues:

  • Less work more money – Well everyone want a hike or more money.But what I felt people who provide service like taxiwala,security at apartments,kiranawala and every shop keepers just want money from you.They do not care about service.Let me give one example.

Our security guard at apartment normally sleeps most of the time.I even observed once he left the security room and went out for snacks.There was no guard for almost half an hour.When I try to complain, the people said there buddha hai, jaane do(he is an old man, leave it).The same old man was right on time when marriage was over; for bakshis(tip).The question arises is how you ask money when you are not doing your duty with honesy.The same story repeat for maid,driver etc.

At US I never observed same thing, people provide you services and impress you to pay tip.People back at home  adapt to this situation and accepted that people will be dishonest or not punctual with the service.There is a clear lack of commitment.


  • image:

    House is clean but not surroundings – Yes this problem is there in every city, whether it is small or big.We maintain good clean environment at home but going out we forget things.Many people complain we do not have dustbin or toilet outside and hence they take self decision to pollute city.I wondered when noticed parent object when kid throw a chips packet at home but they are fine when it happen outside.We forget we cannot stay 24 hours at home, we will go out.Now we have to decide whether we want to put a handkerchief on our nose and then walk or without it.

The second thing is related to this.When somebody is throwing anything in surroundings or within the city, we never object it.We can always tell the other person in a polite way  to throw it at correct place.If the person still don’t do that, it is fine.You can clean it in front of him.It will make him feel guilty.

I love this small video from Green India motivating us to keep India clean:

  • Lack of awareness as a consumer – Believe it or not, 90% of Indian accept whatever sold to him.They never complain about seller and use chalta hai policy.Some people only say next time we won’t take this brand.But this policy may not work with essential services like LPG,electricity ,Petrol etc.You know you can even take them to consumer forum court and get compensation for bad services.But what we do really, we keep quiet.

Let me give you one example.Our LPG provider was provided by Indane.Local vendor deliver it on a small vehicle.Company always ask to weigh the cylinder first.But we never do.Fortunately I had weighing machine and I found it two kg less.I also find seal was broken in cylinder.When I complained to them, they have given me a new one with correct weight and give the excuse as this may be problem from company.Company always send correct cylinder but these vendor take out some gas from it and sell us lesser gas.Do we actually care about it or weigh it?The answer is NO.We do not have time for it.And we do not even realized of getting cheated.


This is a good video from consumer voice:


    Public property is our property – Most people did not understand the meaning of public property.In simple terms when someone say public property it means it your responsibility to maintain as it is your own home.It never mean you can destroy or damage it.Like we see it in Railway station,Government building or Park and places like that.

  • Traffic – Well this is the last thing, I never want to miss.No matter how gentleman we are at office or at home, we become monster at roads.We drive like crazy and trying to reach destination as we are Prime minister of India.No respect of any individual on roads and no doubt there are lot of injuries and deaths on Indian roads.God know when we will learn to be gentleman to roads also.
  • Too dependent on others for work – I noticed so many agents for every work in India .We have even agents for Pan card,driving license,Adhar card,marriage certificate,birth certificate. The only thing left would be an agent for acquiring a hardship license from places like This all shows we never do our things ourself and dependent or find agents for every other work.We never research or find how to do these task ourself or prefer to go to pub than to go to government offices.We must try to do some of things ourself.

I am very hopeful person and I know one day we actually reflect ourself as a developed nation and get rid of above hurdle.There is a hero in everyone and we need to keep it awake.Please do share your view, I would love to hear that.