Self Journal Review – Blogging Goals productivity Tool

So this is my first blog post of 2017. I have taken some resolution for 2017, one of them is to write a journal. Journal is a great place to track your weekly and monthly goals. We all have goals but either we make it for a year and was never able to trace and track it.


I recently found this Self Journal from BestSelf and I love it! I am going to review it in this post and will let you know how it can help in your personal as well as blogging goals.

What is a Goal?

A Goal is your aim or the desired result which you expect. You are never going to achieve anything unless you have a Goal.


What is missing?

Almost everyone makes some plan or goals during the start of the year, or sometime in the middle. But we never write it down, track, or follow it. So we may miss it or never complete it.

This Self Journal book which I am going to mention is made exactly for that. It lets you make goals, track daily and weekly progress. It helps you to make a note of things you achieved and missed.

Video Review of Self Journal:

Some of the Advantages of Self Journal:

  • Create a Roadmap for your life
  • Plan and track quarterly goals
  • There is no calendar, so you never have to wait for a year to start
  • Start and pause it anytime you want
  • Prioritize your task
  • Track daily and weekly results
  • Beautiful quotes mentioned in daily plans
  • Beautiful material used for the book
  • Not oriented to any particular group but can be used for any professional or personal goals

How much it cost?

So lets find how much it cost. In US it cost $31 per copy. It is designed to plan and track quarterly. So in a year you should buy 4 copies of this journal. If you order recurring copies of this journal, it will cost you $28 a piece.

To order it internationally, you must spend $18 extra for shipping and delivery.

Compare to the benefits of this Self journal, it is not costly. I am already a great fan of it.

Should you buy it?

If you are really serious about your goals and success, you must try it. It is for serious people who really want to achieve something and want to closely track their goals. It is a small investment for your long term success.

It is little difficult to use in the beginning, but as you continue working on it, you will be master and will feel the change in yourself.

My recommendation is to go ahead and try it. You will surely feel the difference. Please do not forget to share your experience. I am always here to help you with this self journal.

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