Sarabjit Singh – A victim of weak Indian Government

This post is dedicated to Sarabjit Singh.A martyr was became a victim of weak governance and tussle between India and Pakistan.

Who was Sarabjit Singh?

Sarabjit Singh was a Indian national who was by mistake  cross the Indian border and came to Pakistan.He was then captured by Pak rangers at border.Initially he was convicted for illegally crossing border but after eight days he was charged for alleged involvement in 1990 Lahore and Faisalabad blast which killed 14 people.

He was named as Menjeet singh in Pakistan.He also confessed bombing after police pressurized him.He was then given death sentence by Lahore high court in 1991 and it was upheld by Supreme court of Pakistan.His execution was delayed many times and in 2008 it was hold for indefinite time by then Pakistan Government.

Why he was a Victim of weak Indian Govt?

  • Soft country – India from the beginning after Independence considered as soft country.We never talk tough with our neighbors.when Sabarjit was convicted in 1990 as terrorist and named as Manjeet singh, Govt does nothing to prove that he was a victim of mistaken identity.They did nothing when he was attacked in the jail.India became a country to VIPs, where care and facility was given only to special and VVIPs.When CM’s daughter was kidnapped, we released terrorists and when a common man was stuck in other country and we do nothing.There are still 54 POws of 1971 locked up in Pakistan jail.Are we doing anything for it?
  • Weak politicians – Indian minister was only in news for corruption.The reality they are not concern about Indian citizen and their problems but only want to increase their bank account balance.They does not care about India dignity and respect and never talk tough with Pakistan or China.
  • Tough foreign policy – Imagine what if the same thing is happened with any other country like China or US, they would have put all pressure on that country to bring their man back. US had done many operation the past to bring their citizen back.We are no more a country with weak military then why we don’t talk tough.Until we talk tough nobody listen us.We must learn from country like US,Russia,Israel.

The Road ahead for India Government :

No more soft approach for remaining prisoners locked up in Pakistan jail.Indi should speed up for the process to bring back POWs locked in Pakistan jail.Also India need to be tough we they beheaded Indian soldiers or Indian citizen.There is no need to have relationship with Pakistan in any field like Sport,music etc.It is not at all peace building process as one side they are killing our people and we are offering them chance to earn money.Latest example is IPL.

Countries like China, Pakistan heard loud so they need explosion.We need to put more pressure on them.Finally I would like to say we should let Sarabjit’s sacrifice to go in vein.It is not late to start, lets begin to get back all our Indians who locked up in Pakistan for false reason.

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