Roundup Post – 20 Bloggers Shares their Strategy About Building Email List

This is my first round up post. I am very excited to write about it. I understood finally that writing round up post is not easy. You need to do lot of follow up with people; as normally they are busy. Also, you need a lot of networking to make sure people reply. 


I am really fortunate to have good friends. Thank you everyone for providing their input. In this post, I am going to mention thoughts from 20 bloggers about their email building strategies.

They explained how they started building their email list, tools and email popup building tool. Lets see their views:

Ravi Chahar - Blogger @ BloggingLove - @ Twitter

Ravi Chahar

A personal approach always works. While crafting your email, you must try something which interests your readers. Most of the people neglect the power of a beautiful design. Yes, you heard it right. You must use the design template with the logo of your blog. Have you ever received an unknown email from a blogger without even subscribing? This is the worst thing anyone can do. Never collect the email from the comments to send them your newsletter. "Consent is very important". Keep the record of the dates and don't just hit the button to send an email after every post.

Santhosh veer - Blogger @ Allwebtuts - @ Facebook


Santhosh Veer

?I Place the Attractive Email Subscription widget box on My Blogs and write some attractive text at end my blog posts like "if you Need latest offers blah blah" and My Main trick is I get Subscribers from plugin Downloads yes I develop a special Email Subscribe page for plugin/product downloads subscribed users only get the product download links New guys need to subscribe My Email list to get the all product/plugins download links 😛 this trick Help me to Build My Strong Email list try My method and Build your strong Email list in 10 days cheers 🙂

Anil Agarwal - Blogger @ Bloggerspassion @ Facebook


Anil Agarwal

Use incentives. Give freebies such as eBooks, videos etc. People love freebies. And that's how you can grow your email list quickly. Make sure you are spending time to create quality freebies instead of giving away useless stuff for free. If people see value in your freebies, they will give more importance to your paid stuff. And that's how you can make more sales by building an email list. Incentives are always powerful!

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Ravi Singh - Blogger @ Ravisinghblog -  @ Facebook


Ravi Singh

I think the best strategy to build your email list is to first get a good email marketing tool like Getresponse, Aweber, or Mailchimp. You also need to get a good tool for creating optin boxes like Thrive leads or Optinmonster. Try to use relevant popup based on your post. I do not prefer to display popup for mobile devices. Sidebar, Welcome mat and post footer works best for me.

Mihir Gadhvi - Blogger @ 3nions -  @ Facebook


Mihir Gadhvi

I follow a simple strategy for e-mail marketing. The primary requirement is content that we share with our e-mail subscribers. If your content is good enough to attract them then the chances for conversions and sales increase deliberately. I never bore audience by writing big sentences and characters instead I share important points only which adds value. I give them a strong reason to follow my blog. That's it.

Punit Mahajan - Blogger @ bloggerpunit 


Punit Mahajan

I always focus on writing emails that are in simplified language. I don't want my subscribers to get up in the morning and read a formal application. So keep it simple. My Main Strategy would be Offering promos in the initial stages like free ebooks, guides downloads and Pdfs. This makes them owe something to you indirectly or they feel that way. This will surely help in getting your subscriber's attention in your newsletter and he/she may eventually buy your product that you are promoting.

Erika Mohssen-Beyk - Blogger @ Erikamohssen -  @ Facebook


Erika Mohssen-Beyk

I started to collect emails a while ago on my blog and did it through a giveaway. I put a optin form on my sidebar linking to my book PDF which I also have on Amazon. It works good ,but I did not yet send follow up emails which I intent to do . On another website which has more traffic , I have two optin forms one on the sidebar and one below the post . In my experience the one below the post is best. It is the optin forms plugin and seems to do the job.I do not like the popups ,this is why I am still avoiding this. I sent my new post automated to the subscribers and did not yet write emails. I know it is a good asset to sent emails for marketing and will do it in the near future. I do not have much experience with it ,but as we all know , it is important to have a good list and collect leads . Many do and make money with it, especially the affiliate marketers. I heard and believe ,writing mails like to a friend and /or telling stories seems to be the best strategy to keep the subscribers happy. Best is to see what kind of emails you like and this is for sure not the ones who only want to sell something . People like to be entertained 🙂

Rachit Singh - Blogger @ Rachitsingh -  @ Youtube


Rachit Singh

The worst mistake I made was not focusing on email marketing for the first few months when I started blogging. When I started collecting emails, I merely made a small optin that asked for the emails. But no one entered their emails.

I was confused as of what strategy should I use or what product should I offer. Long story short, you have to offer something that really adds some value in your reader's life. So, Initially I started collecting emails from a comment checkbox, I.e. if anyone commented, there used to be a checkbox asking whether or not they want to subscribe to the newsletter.

Then I wrote an ebook "Social Media Website building for dummies" and offered it free of cost for collecting emails. On my second blog, I offered free consultation in lieu of email, which worked pretty well. On my third blog, Writard, I am making a premium course of digital marketing which I would be offering as lead magnet.

Theodore Nwangene - BloggerTopbloggingcoach -  @ Facebook


Theodore Nwangene

Every marketer knows the benefits of having an email list, It's the most important tool of a marketer. As for my list building strategy, i always follow a very simple process.

1. I make sure all my pillar articles have what is called a Content Upgrade.

2. I use pop ups most of the time.

3. I also have an optin form in the sidebar of my blog and also after single posts and pages.

4. Optin feature box also converts like crazy. If you visit Jon Morrows, you will see this kind of form in action. It's always directly below the header of a blog.

I'm also using a similar form in my blog.

5. I also include a link in my books on Amazon so my readers can easily join my list as well to be notified each time i have something new.

6. Finally, one other strategy that is working for me is guest posting. That's just the steps i usually follow and it's really working for me.


Robin Khokhar - BloggerTrickyenough-  @ Facebook


Robin Khokhar

It is quite difficult to get a good email list these days but there ar bloggers who are getting lots of subscribers daily. I am using a pop up to get email subscibers for my blog.

But more importantly people see the blog content to subscribe, One must write good and helpful content if he or she wants too build a good list of emails.

Evan Derek - Blogger @ Vebblabbs-  @ Facebook


Evan Derek

The best way I've found to build a responsive email list is OptinMonster as a plugin, and webinar registrations as the approach. Although E-books and freebies work fine but Webinars have just yielded better results for me 🙂 Hellobar by Neil Patel is another great plugjn if you can write a compeling header.

Siddharth Rajsekar - Blogger @ Siddarthrajsekar -  @ Facebook



The purpose of an email list is to build and nurture your leads. After trying various lead generation methods, I realised that it's not about "lead generation" but more about "lead nurturing" and warming them up and building trust, once they have come into your list.

For me what's worked is building lists thru my Facebook wall inviting them into webinars by asking people to message me privately for an invite. In the recent test that I did, I was able to generate over 150+ leads organically within 3 days without sharing the landing page publicly.

Close to 70% of this list opens every email I send. The same can be applied to larger lists. Make sure you don't start slamming people with offers right from your first email.

You don't ask someone to marry you the first time you meet them!! The same mindset with email. Use your first few emails to introduce yourself, share your vision, showcase your achievements and build trust. Then you start dropping offers and affiliate links.

So in essence, email marketing is a wonderful channel to develop trust with your audience and some of the greatest marketers that I have studied are ones who provide immense value first before generating a sale via email.

Gurunath Nakka - Blogger @ Bestofguru -  @ Twitter



To be frank I don't use any particular or systematic strategy for Email list building. I used to go naturally with the built in Subscription/ newsletter form of Jetpack in WordPress. Later, I read about Mail Chimp Free Email list building tool/Software and I used it for sometime. I have tried FeedBurner, SumoMe.

SumoMe is one of the simple and easy to use Email list builder alongwith MailChimp if you are new to Email list building. I have collected a lot of Emails with SumoMe Popups (try to use minimum popups to make sure you don't irritate your readers/visitors).

Another easy and best way to build Email list is by doing a Online Contest for example a Product Giveway

Danish Wadhwa - Product Owner @ Worduct -  @ Facebook



I must say Email Building is the only payable resource these days. You can not trust traffic and rankings due to frequent google updates. One thing which is really an asset as blogger is email list.

I struggled a lot in my early days for this and no doubt its not an easy task. There are many thing which has to be done altogether for the conversions. Don't just ask your users to submit their email for newsletter, share with them something in return like your most valuable hack (asset) you have with you.

Try creating some courses around your niche. Like 5 Days Digital Marketing Course and i am sure this trick will work. Don't forget to use optins, the Exit intent optin works best for me.

Content Upgrade also worked for my in my recent posts and i saw good increase in our email list at We created a giant list of 101 hacks and showed users just 30 of them and asked to submit their email to go to other 71. I am sure these tricks gonna work for you guys as well, because it is tried and tested.

Abdul Samad - Blogger @ Bornblogger 


Abdual Samad 

I've followed many strategies for Email List Building but nothing worked. Read many professional bloggers posts but didn't even worked for me. I was thinking one day that how can I gain email subscribers for my blog?

At that time something awesome came in my mind that was: Using my skills (WordPress Theme Designing) and give that thing for free.

I designed my theme called Born Blogger Pro ( and gave it to my readers for free.


I told my readers to subscribe my blog for getting the download link.As my theme was so awesome, readers subscribed for getting that theme and yeah it worked!

Moral:- Give anything free of cost which worth and you can build your email list easily! :)Example:- It can be Ebooks, Logos, Themes or worth-able giveaway.

Umar Farooq - Blogger @ EasyAsFart - @ Facebook


Umar Farooq


Yeah, those!I have applied those on my blog as well and I also recommend YOU to do the same.It has less steps to follow your blog, than subscribing to an email list, where you have to literally do some clicking and opening of email and then activating the thing!

Whereas on Push Notifications, you just have TWO choices, either to BLOCK or ALLOW them. :)See?That's the POWER of Push Notifications.

And yeah, I do the same. I use Push Notifications as an alternative method for Email Marketing.

Looking to learn how to Create Push Notification for your Blog. Read this post:  

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Website Push Notification

Himanshu - Blogger @ Blogrags - @ Twitter



My strategy is simple.

1.Write Epic Content. "Content is the King as most bloggers say".

2.Find people you might be interested in reading my blog post.

3.Get their emails using a plugin called EmailHunter(there are other alternatives too). 4.Use a personalised body and a cool subject. 5.Note down all these details on a Google Sheet. 6.Follow up the emails after a week .

Ravinder Dande - Blogger @ blogail- @ Facebook


Ravinder Dande

We all knows that how much advantages Email marketing has if you compared it to anything like Facebook fan page and your twitter handler which can be banned at anytime. Let's say you have huge traffic and has no form to take email address from your reader so that you can sell or promote anything by clicking on "Send to targeted audience".

Have you read what I said " If you have no form ". No form mean, No subscriber that is no buyer & readers.

Let's say you have your list of your reader then do you think they will read or follow your forever. No, because they follow you for reason. Reason is to get the best content from you. Once you fail at it then your follower list is decreased.

I know you don't want to see you your email list decreased everyday. So here I am gonna tell your most important things you should look at while managing your list.

You may be thinking about how will you be able to get more email address just by form and how will you be managing that list ? Right.

So, Let's start.

Landing page

I guess you know what are top pages of website. If you know then half of your work is already done because you are getting traffic and you just need to optimize that top pages very carefully.

What you need to do is to analyze top pages of your website. You should analyze your comment section too for little idea what are views and query of your readers. Once you know who are your audience then it become easy to optimize your landing page by attractive form.

If you ever read brian dean's blog you might have noticed few things like " Call to Action " and Form that you cannot go without entering your email ID. So you need your top performing page for converting your readers into subscribers.


Lets say you have top page that only has few visitors due to ranking on 2nd and 3rd page but still you can bring it up by updating content. What happens is that we rank for keywords and readers visit our content and find nothing interesting then they left too early thus our ranking drop so drop our visitors.

Ranking is different thing, Now come back to point.

Keep it engaging

Sometime we think that providing the best content and offer is enough. Seriously, It's like readers are reading your blog and not leaving any comment even when your reader has query.

When your readers leave comment you get to know more about them and their question. So is with email marketing. You can send only content and offer you need to make it engaging so that they cannot stop themselves from moving to your website again and click on what you are offering to the,.

You know how seller sells service to customer by making conversion attractive that is what you have to do by making it very friendly.

  • Hello Ravi,

    Thanks for including me on your round-up post.

    You really have lots of cool marketers here.


  • Hey Ravi,

    Thanks for including me in the roundup.

    No doubt that email marketing is one the leading strategies to drive traffic to your blog. But people are making many mistakes.

    As I have mentioned above, never think that daily emails can help you. Always think would you feel if you get numerous of emails from one user?

    There a lot of things to consider.
    Glad to be here.

    Have a great day.

  • Hi Ravi ,
    Congratulations for your fist roundup post you did a good job ,with your video as well.
    Thank you for including me here. It is really interesting to see what all the other bloggers have to say about this subject and I hope your readers can find some ideas and value as well.
    To your success

    • Hi Erika,

      Thank you for your contribution. Happy to see you like my post and video. Roundup post is not an easy task and learned a lot of new things. Thank you for your continuous support.

  • Thanks for having my opinion, mate! And thanks for bringing 19 more bloggers’ opinions! 🙂 Learned a LOT. Keep crushing it! (Y)

  • Every blog should attempt to gather a list. Good strategies from seasoned bloggers!! List building is not an easy thing to do. But with some of these strategies its certainly possible.

    • Thank you Shalu mam for the comment. Yes, List building is not a quick process. You need time and devotion for it. I hope these strategies helped the readers to at least start building their email list.

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