Revealed: Top 7 Untapped Sources of Traffic You May Not Know About

Did I just hear you exclaim “Untapped sources of traffic?!”

Well, you heard and read right.I am about to espouse to your knowledge some really cool, potent, tested and proven ways of driving quality and highly-targeted website traffic and I bet you don’t know how effective they are until I tell you of course!


Back in the days, I roam around this internet-web searching for how to get huge traffic to my blog and maybe make some cool dollars, enough to take me and my then girlfriend to the movies, perhaps, to celebrity’s award nights.

Unfortunately, I failed woefully in driving eyes to my habitually good write-ups and it was pretty saddening and heartrending if you know what I am saying…So what, I gave up blogging and went offline for most times until I found some of these strategies I will here share with you. I hope they work for you as well.


Just before I go sharing these points/techniques with you, I will like to remind you that the lifeblood of every great blog/website is nothing else but TRAFFIC, QUALITY TRAFFIC, and HIGHLY-TARGETED TRAFFIC.

When a website is able to drive quality and highly-targeted traffic, it increases it (website) chances of making a great return on investment (ROI), thereby making huge and consistent money online.

Hence, if a blog or a blogger is to achieve notable and commendable results in the online space, it would be totally wise and expedient for them to learn to drive traffic that will PAY THEM BACK and not frustrate the years of efforts, energy, time, and money they’ve spent building that blog.

So if you are truly ready to launch your blog into the wide and horrendous sea called the “Internet-Web”, I will ask you to dive in with me as I take you by the hand to show you into my world of “untapped sources of traffic you may not know about”.

But let me warn you, this article is a bit long. However, you will want to keenly and scrupulously scrutinize upon every words just so you can make the best use of the shared knowledge.


Let’s dive…

#1.Submit to search engine and aggregator websites

You may not know about this yet but I beat my chest to tell you that it works like magic only if you do it well and long enough.

There was this website I put up long time ago and all I remember ever doing was submitting the site to top search engines and aggregator websites.

Trust me it helped in pulling huge traffic to my website. Unfortunately though, yours faithfully didn’t know how to monetize website traffic at that time.

You know it is one thing to know how to pull traffic and another to sustain or make a good use of those hungry folks visiting your site to consume the information in which you share so well.

Get that?

Well, that was from long time ago. And I have since learned my lesson and yes, I learned it well and it tells why I now smile to the bank every month to make cash-withdrawals.

But for this to happen, I had to stay back, sometimes all-day and all-nights submitting my site to search engine.

I know some folks said this rule isn’t as effective as before but you know what, I am not one who take in hook, line, and sinker peoples words and so, I like to test the waters myself – if it works, fine.

If not, fine. At least, I know of why it will work and why it wouldn’t (in the words of Thomas Edison of his many failures of creating a long-lasting bulb).

Now, there are thousands of these websites but for your sakes, I’d just mention 5 or 6 of them.

Alltop– This site is created for enhancement of proper online consumption of information by displaying headlines from blogs submitted on it.

Entireweb – “Over 3.5 million people worldwide have used the Entireweb Free Search Engine Submission service to submit their sites to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.”

Your site should be on it too!

Free Web Submission– “We provide free manual and auto submission to the highest-rated, Free Internet Search Engines and Directories.”

You should check them out.

IMTalk – “IMT Website Submitter submits your website/blog to 1,800+ different places. All these 1,800+ websites are manly "who is", "about us", "website statistic", etc. type of services.”

I particularly recommend this one. It’s the first one I use.

CleverSubmitter– Another cool website submitter you should really try out.

See that?

These are some of the sites I make sure to submit every new sites I create on as I believe they have the power of driving more eyes to my infant site.

You will be doing yourself a lot of good if you will also try to take faith and start submitting your site(s) to search engine and aggregator websites.

#2.Syndicate Your Contents on High Profile Websites (Guest blog)

This one is really powerful and works great magic in driving eyes to your site.

Especially if you take time to master and religiously practice it.A lifetime ago, I launched my net into the sea of guest blogging and it sure paid a really cool dividend for me in not only driving high and targeted traffic to my blog but also increasing my online credibility and reputation, which in a way, increased my client list and of course improved my earnings and earning potentials.

If you are like me who is a voracious consumer of any block of text, especially on the subject of internet marketing (blogging to be precise), you should have read about the importance of guest blogging for blogs in the same niche as you.

Yes, it is important and it is one of the foremost, tested and proven ways of driving quality and highly-targeted website traffic in that it exposes your content and your person to a completely new and large audience.

The good thing about this is that you are offered the opportunity to showcase your name, your brand and of course link back to your website, asides the one or two links you will mention in the body of your post.

“Okay dude, I get it.

But how on earth am I supposed to get a popular blog like Copyblogger or Problogger to accept and post my content?”

Good question.

It all boils down to how VALUABLE, HELPFUL and TIMELY the content you are submitting as a guest post is.

If it is nothing close to the VHT rule then you can be sure of a well woven REJECTION mail from the blog Editor.

I should also remind you that there some really important rituals that you will need to go over if you were to get this BLOG AUTHOR to accept and hit publish on your post.

What are They?

  • Stick around their blog for about a week or two.
  • Keenly and scrupulously read their posts
  • Genuinely and tactically leave comments on their blog posts (Make note of those blog posts and show them in a mail you will send to them)
  • Wisely share these blog posts (Let them know you share their blog posts) Mention one or two of their blog posts in your next blog update.
  • Send them a friendly mail (Telling them of how impactful their blog posts are to you and what you’ve been able to make of reading their blog. Don’t forget to mention the post you left comment on and those you shared via your social networking sites).
  • Follow up (In case they didn’t reply)
  • Go ahead and send a ‘guest blog’ request.

If you skillfully and religiously practice the 8 rituals I bulleted up above, you can be sure to nail several guest blog on several blog of means, which will inevitably help you drive huge and targeted website traffic.

Another technique I feel you should really try is ‘Content Syndication’ on top sites like Kingged, Triberr, Klinkk, Mention and their likes.

They help in driving extra and really cool traffic for your site.

#3.Blog commenting


Blog commenting!

This one cannot be packed aside (joke with) if you are truly in the business of driving website traffic.In 2012, I made a conscious decision to quit blogging out of the frustration of not getting views and comments on my blog.

But after taking the time out to study the chains of successful blogging and invested time in reading FREE RESOURCES published by authority bloggers like Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh, Sue Neal (who is now a children book writer) and a host of others, I took a really great U-turn and one of the things I religiously did was blog commenting.

You can be sure it made me a credible, highly reputed and trusted, and yes, I became a celebrity blogger. My name was imprinted on almost all the blogs on the internet (exaggerated I know but I was really everywhere) and I wasn’t just saying ‘Great post’ or ‘Hey!

You shared a nice post man’.No!I would write comment as long as the post I am trying to comment on.

They were not just long (The shortest comment I ever wrote was 500 words long) but they were filled with value, are helpful and useful and foster a really good conversation and relationships.

You know, people just wanted to know ‘who the h*** is this guy?!’

After all said and done, folks, the secret to effective blog commenting that drives huge and targeted website traffic is to contribute your valuable thoughts.

Would you mind if I share with you my rituals?

  • Mention the blogger name (Hi [name])
  • Compliment them (thank them for talking about the subject)
  • Espouse your knowledge and experience of the subject
  • Share your suggestion and tell why it is important to follow the rules mention by the blog author
  • Thank them again
  • Leave a regards by simply mentioning your name.

When you do this religiously, you would have succeeded in getting yourself known, liked and trusted by the entire folks that conglomerated on that blog.

Do you get my drift?

#4.Religiously make use of trackbacks

Do you even know the meaning of trackback?

Well, trackback is a nifty-tool used by CMSplatforms, especially the WordPress’ Visual Editor to tag the websites you mention in the body of your content (This is the best way I can explain this.

It might make sense if you would do a few Googling about the term).So you wrote a really powerful post and you found some really cool resources and mentioned them.

This might be a good time to use the trackback option to external-link to these websites (Your blog post will automatically show in their comment area) and get even more eyes and click-through to your website.

In a nutshell, using this method of traffic generation, help you in notifying the other blog that you have just mentioned them on your blog.

Of course, the other guy/lady will come checking out your website and if you have a great blog running, you win his/her heart over. That’s a highly-targeted traffic right there!

#5.Start and run a podcast

Starting a podcast is another surefire way of driving huge, quality, and highly-targeted website traffic.

This has been tried, tested, and proven by savvy internet marketers and I can categorically tell you that it works magic.

It is an untapped source of driving website traffic but savvy folks have started tapping and making good use of it. You should too.

What You need to Know?

  • Repurpose your content (make it readable)
  • Read your content into an audio editing software (Audacity is cool)
  • Edit and publish it on Soundcloud, iTunes and the likes (These sites already have millions of users on them. Tap into these sources of website traffic)

As I said earlier, this technique has been tried, tested and proven by myself and various internet marketers and it’s sure a good shot at improving your website traffic over at least 75%.

#6.Do a blog post ‘roundup post’ (promote your fellow initiates)

There are plethora great and epic content on the internet today and if you are in the habit of daily consumption of some of these masterpieces, you should mention the ones you extremely found helpful in your next blog post.

This technique is quite simple yet potent.How does it work?Review and expound on the lessons shared on at least 5 of the best articles you read for that week.

Do this very religiously, every week, and see your blog turn into a hub of traffic.

This is another tried, verified and established method of driving website traffic.

I have used this before and it worked magic for me.

You might want to also see if it will work for you. You will never know until you try!

#7.Use your email signature

If you send out at least 5-10 emails out per day, you might want to maximize and exploit on this as a means of driving even more traffic to your website.

For less savvy internet marketers, I know you’d be wondering what I meant by using your email signature to drive traffic.

I will explain.For every mail you send, you have the opportunity to leave a ‘regard’.

Not so?

Here’s what I mean:“Warm wishes,[your name]”

Instead of just using what I shared above, you can chance on this opportunity to link to your blog.

You’d be surprise by how many folks who actually get to click the links from your mails.

Try it and thank me later for sharing it, this technique.`

Wrapping Up

These are the seven untapped sources of traffic I am very sure you may not have known prior to now.

And for some of you, you might have read about these ways but are not yet practicing them.

I implore you to start tapping into these channels of traffic generation if you were going to achieve the results of your long hours of efforts put into writing and promoting your site.

Please do use the comment box below to share other ways in which you make use of to drive traffic. Thank you!

This is a guest post by Theodore Nwangene. He is a blogger and Freelance Writer. He’s currently on a journey to help bloggers and entrepreneurs write kick-ass contents, build a better and profitable blog, increase visibility and boost their online authority. He just wrote a kindle book titled: 21 Writing Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Writing Compelling Articles That Will Open Doors and Land you Clients. Click Here to Get Your Free PDF Copy Now

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