Rape Shame – What we need to change

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Recent rape in capital thrill and saddened whole country.The one common views expressed by most of people is society needs to change.The thought process needs to change.In this post I would like to mention key thought society needs to change immediately.

  • Respect women – Usually we teach girls from childhood to always take care and to be safe.We need to change this mentality and teach our son to respect woman.Rules must and always be applied to both sex and just not for girls.
  • Girls need to be tougher – Gone are those days when Girls are soft,weak and always need a man to protect her.Parents need to teach their daughter to be strong.Get them training for self protection and self dependent.
  • Keep watch on kids – kids specially girls should be carefully monitored by parents.Their whereabouts always known by parents.More than strangers there is danger from neighbors and close relatives.
  • Better policing – Police needs to be more sensitive and sincere to citizens.Government should make stricter rule for them if they do not follow law.
  • Tough laws – I consider this crime as rarest of the rare because a woman live with this for her whole life.So A man who does this deserve death penalty.This fear of death will surely prevent rape cases.

Govt,police,society everyone has a role in this issue.I think this is a war on women and girls kids in India.Lets get together in this fight and protest against it!