RafflePress Review – The Best WordPress Giveaway Plugin

Giveaway is one of the strategy used by top bloggers to attract fans and followers to their blog. I am going to review RafflePress in this post. This is the best WordPress giveaway plugin.


Why You Need Giveaway Plugin For Your Blog

A blogger need Giveaway tool to promote his or her blog to get more followers. 

Everyone likes free stuff. They can subscribe to your email list, follow your Facebook page, or follow you on the twitter and many more.

There are lot of things you can ask user by offering them free gift or giveaway.

This is one of the easiest way to attract eyeballs to your blog.

Giveaway is also easy to connect new blogger when you recently started a new blog and looking to get more followers and fans. 

Many bloggers benefited better when they giveaway rather than ads.

What is RafflePress

Rafflepress is the latest WordPress Giveaway plugin to run giveaway and contest. Rafflepress is from Syed Balkhi company who owns Optinmoster and Wpbegineer.

You can use it to get more social media followers, good website traffic, generate email leads and many more

Benefits Of RafflePress

Drag and Drop Builder

Creating a campaign in RafflePress is very easy. everything can be done by dragging and drop components. Any newbie can do it

Readymate Template

You do not have to create new campaign from scratch. There are readymade template for Facebook, Twitter etc.


All your giveaway campaign in RafflePress is responsive, that means it works great with any type of device.

Fraud Protection

RafflePress has inbuilt function to protect fraud. It will help you to conduct fair giveaways.

Refer a friend viral giveaway

Refer a friend option is an amazing way to make your giveaway viral by asking your participants to share it with their friends to have better chances of winning

Login via Social media

RafflePress has option to login to giveaways via social media. It makes it easier for participant as user do not have to share their email id. 

Email Integration

You can easily integrate Rafflepress with your email capturing tools like Getresponse , Weber etc to collect email leads

Detailed Report

You will get a detailed report of your campaign and retargeting feature to make your campaign viral

Landing pages

Besides embedding Giveaway on your WordPress blog, you can also get separate landing page for your giveaway. You can run it standalone

Rafflepress Demo With Example (Video Tutorial)

How To Create Rafflepress Giveaway (Step by Step)


Step 1 - Select Giveaway template and name it

Select existing template from Rafflepress and name your campaign. You can also decide about the prize and select a good image.


Step 2 - Create Actions

Create action like subscribe to your email list, share on social media, follow, retweet and many more


Step 3 - Design and publish Your Giveaway

Design your giveaway by selecting color, text, background image. You are now ready to publish your Giveaway

Comparison of Rafflecopter, Rafflepress and Gleam

Rafflecopter and Gleam are another two Giveaway tool which you can try. I am going to compare these two tools with Rafflepress and explain you the difference. 

Product name



Polls and survey

Refer a friend

Starts at $39.20 for lifetime with one year update

Facebook, Email, Twitter and many more



Starts at $13/month

Facebook, Email, Twitter and many more



Starts at $120 annually 

Facebook, Email, Twitter and many more



Rafflepress Price and discount

Now very important part, RafflePress price. This is the most interesting part as compared to other plugins like Rafflecopter and Gleam, it is under priced.

It could be because it is recently launched.

Here are the four package of RafflePress:

Rafflepress package and price

Now as you see, RafflePress price starts with only $39 for 1 site in plus version. Pro version will be $79 with email integration option.

remember refer a friend viral option is only available with Growth option at $159.

Remember above prices will be for one year.

I personally recommend Ultimate package as it is lifetime licensed so you do not have to pay every year.

As it is recently launched, it is only price at $319 for lifetime. No other Giveaway plugin is being offered at this price. So I suggest get this deal today. 

At present Rafflepress is offering 20% discount on all packages. Please use coupon code 20OFFER.

You have 14 days to try Rafflepress and if you did not like it, you can get a full refund.

Conclusion on Rafflepress - WordPress Giveaway Plugin

Giveaway is very important part of any campaign by the blogger. It will give you more email leads, more social share and fans, more website traffic and many more.

Tools like Rafflepress which is also best WordPress Giveaway plugin makes it easier to create giveaway and contest.

Create a strategy and as per you niche offer giveaway to your readers. 

As Rafflepress is offering attractive lifetime subscription, this is the best time to grab this offer. 


Run Giveaways and Contest using Rafflepress and take your WordPress blog to next level

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  • I never organize any Giveaway through my blog. But I have seen people got good success by running a giveaway. I am sure this is a good plugin and I will try in the future for sure.

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