Power Grid Failure In India – Dark Knight rises again!

So Yesterday we felt a worst blackout in India, when 19 states was in dark for more than 8 hours.It happened twice in a day.The result was horrible, nearly 600 million people affected, all the trains starting from north India has been stopped.Delhi metro at various places.All business and plants also more or less lost power.The whole nation was stopped.The question we all were asking is is this the modern India? why this happened? According to initial report this happened because the power grip which supply power from generating station to substation and was tripped.

Image courtsey hindustantimes.com

How it affect image of India?

  • Worries in the mind of investor – There are lot of investor waiting to make investment.This incident made them a little worry specially manufacturing industry.during this industry many industry lose crore of rupees because of no production.
  • Bad image for north India – Though this can happen anywhere,  but after a long time it impacted north India.So new investments may impact, investors may reluctant to plan new project.
  • Are we superpower? – India is planning to be a superpower in coming future and want to be in the list of developed countries.Any more incident like this will surely spoil the image and make it more difficult.
Image courtsey hindustantimes.com

Root of the problems – As stated many times the reason behind is overdrawing of power from few states, but the real problem is not use as states will use more power as population and requirement both are increasing.We need to find alternate resources of power like solar and atomic power plant instead of normal thermal power.State also have to make sure they take steps to stop electricity theft.Individual building can reduce the consumption of power by installing solar power machines on their roof.

Central government has to take it responsibility and have to take necessary steps to stop it in future.Till then as a public we have no choice and I am keeping my finger crossed!