Possible reasons for slow site loading

Image courtesy – http://blog.brightpod.com/

Is your site loading slowly?Is your site does not load quickly alongwith all pictures?

If these answer is true for your site, it is time to check what is wrong.From my experience I would like to present these facts which might be the reason for slow loading of your site.

    • Slow image load – Do not put very high resolution photos on your site.big size image may take time to load and also do not post link hosted on some their site.Compress image size and then upload it to their site.
    • Use tools to see how your site is responding – There are many tools available in the market to analyze your site to see which file is taking  time to load.Firebug is one of tool available in firefox.Please find screenshot of firebug used for my site.

      Firebug Firefox plugin
    • Third party ads – Do not put too many ads on your site/blog.Use text link ads and keep it minimum.I recommend to use Google Adsense,Infolinks and Amazons ads.
    • Check for javascripts error – If you see any javascript error at bottom of browser, check details of it in firebug tool.It might be possible that javascript has not been loaded successfully andkeep the server busy.Check specially for third party javascript links.

      Javascript error
    • Slow hosting server – If none of the above problem occurs with your site then it may be the problem from your hosting company.Get in technical help with them to  find, if there is any issue with their server and also check on Google if more customer has given negative feedback for the hosting company.If it continues for a long time you may need to change your hosting company.

Always check your site connectivity and speed regularly.Any slowness observed in the site should be noticed and action should be taken accordingly.Remember readers loves your content only if it will load faster and site works as per the expectation.