Podcast With Mihir Gadhvi From 3nions

There are a lot of bloggers in India who work hard and self-made. Mihir is one of them.

He is a graduate student and working on his blog parallelly. He along with his friends started the blog 3nions.com and within the short time, the blog gains good popularity. 


The Other two members of 3nions team are Satyansh and Prakhar. All 3 work in a team distributes the work for the blogging. They also work as a freelancer for web designing and content creation.


Mihir works and build the trust all by himself. There was no formal training but he learned everything from the web. This is remarkable.

I would like to thanks Mihir for taking the time out for Podcast. It was an inspirational story. There are two things which I liked most about Mihir after the podcast.

Read the Podcast here:

  • Mihir wants to start his own full fledged blogging business after college. This is very different thinking as instead of getting a job he is looking to own a business and want to be his own boss
  • Blogging is a great career option for young people. You need to plan and execute it well. If you really interested in blogging, you do not have to get a costly degree like Doctor or Engineering.

Some Of the Traffic stats of 3nions


If you are looking to create  a new blog, website design or any content related work, or WordPress help, you can contact 3nions team here:

  • Hi Ravi ,
    nice to see Mihir and his partners on your blog.
    They are really a good team and work great together.
    Mihir will for sure make his dream come true if he continues
    working like he did since I know him. Best wishes to all of you.

  • Hey Ravi,

    It’s good to see Mihir along with you. He is doing a tremendous job. People are liking his content.

    And the other members of his blog are dwelling every inch of their effort. I am sure, they are going to be the start of this blogosphere in the upcoming years.

    Glad to hear the podcast.

  • It was Good to see you here Mihir.
    May be next time we all will join Ravi and talk to him about our story.
    Totally agree with the Mihir. ? There is no disadvantage in having 2-3 or more people working together as a time. A team makes the whole process fast and good.

  • Hey Ravi,

    3nions is really a very good team. Among three, personally I only know Mihir Gadhvi. He always ready to help whenever I required. Very Soon again I will contact him.

    As what above Erika Ma’am said he will definitely get success in his life. He is doing fabulous work. Thanks Mihir for being my friend!

    ~Swapnil Kharche

  • OMG ! What we have found. We didn’t knew Mihir got interviewed by you. It’s great to listen and he is an amazing person. Very talented. Its 2019 and this interview is from 2016. He has grown so much over the years and last year only we got connected.
    You have also done a great job here and podcast is the booming industry and you have justified . Great post. Will be saving your site for future reference.

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