Nine Useful Tips From Experts About Creating About Us Page

In this post today, I am going to discuss the importance of About us page and what content you should include in it. I am going to include influencer’s suggestion about what to include in About us page.

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[s[stextbox id=”info”]ts first see Why you need a good About us page:

  • Only place to mention what is your blog is about
  • People want to know more about your blog
  • You can mention your skills there
  • Best place you mention all your personal contacts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc
  • Mention your achievements like Guest post, interview etc[/[/stextbox]li>

A good About us page will definitely bring more visitors and create the trust for your readers. A blog is not only about writing, people want to know how you started the blog.

Give you readers some history about the blog; How the journey started. What problem you faced and how you overcome that?

This will not only motivates blogger but make new blogger as your followers. They can relate themselves to you.

Now let’s see what are the important ingredient of About us page and I take example from Influencer:



Picture is a must –

People tie your blog with a name and picture. Make sure you have the best picture in about us page first thing at the top. Whenever people see your blog URL, they should remember your picture.

Keep your picture portrait and the best one. Please see the example below from Ankit’s blog.



Provide a brief Intro – 

Start with a brief intro; how you started the blog, where you live,  how you get into Blogging and so on.  Share few things about you. Share something about your family. Remember people who clicked on About us page, they want to know a little bit about you.

Explain how this blog can help them – 

Tell people how this blog can help them. What topics you write about. What readers can expect from the blog? Look at below example from Mouthshut.



Your Achievements –

Why not mentioned some positive about your Blog. Like how many followers you have? What is your Alexa rank? Some guest posts you have written and Interview was done for you? Here is an example from Nirmala’s blog. You can also Mention any ebook you have created here.


Follow Links –

This is the very important part of the About us. Make sure you include every possible social media. Your readers should get more options to follow you. You can also include contact like email, Skype, WhatsApp etc. You can also ask them to leave a voice message.


Have a look an example from Ileane’s blog. She uses Speakpipe to create this widget to let readers send her voice message.



Future plans –

Do not forget to mention what is the future plan. Are you planning to create a community around it? Write about your goal and vision. What are things you are planning to add in future.

Please find example below from Bloggertipstricks:

Future plan-min


Use Click to Tweet –

Use Click toTweet plugin to let user share your blog with a single click. You can use some interesting one liner to promote your blog. Here is a good example from Harsh Agarwal blog-


An opt-in form to subscribe –

Make sure you add a subscribe or opt-in box to let user subscribe to your blog. You can use Aweber, Mailchimp or Getresponse to manage your email subscribers.


Resource tools – 

Let people know what tools are resources you used for this blog. Please include Hosting provider, theme name, and other tools like the Email list, plugins,  etc you used. Let other bloggers know about tools from your experience.


Show some creativity –

About us page is a good place to show some creativity. Depending on your profession, you can show some creative work at this place. Have a look at some of the example below:


It’s your turn-

About us page is a very good place to showcase about your blog, history, future, achievement, and contact. Make full use of it and create a trust and connection with your readers.

Closely track, analyze and regularly update it.

I would love to know the opinion from you. What and how you create About us page? Please share your thoughts using the comments section.

  • Thank You Ravi Bhai for sharing with us. The process and the guide written here in this post is well designed and i should follow this for my Blog. Soon I will start working on it.

    • I checked your blog, Alexis. The tips look good. Showing off your portfolio and testimonial is very importance. About us, page is a perfect place for it. Make sure you add your appreciations and recommendation. It will build credibility.

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