Nextbit Robin Smartphone Review – First Cloud based Phone

I am going to review Robin smartphone in this post. This is the first pure cloud-based phone.This is a cool smartphone with great features. Let me first explain what is a Cloud smartphone to give you a better understanding. To understand Cloud smartphone, you must know what is a Cloud storage.

Cloud Storage – In most basic term, a Cloud storage means data is never stored locally to a device, Computer,  or memory disc. Many confuse cloud services with data hosted services: learn the difference between cloud and hosted services so it may be helpful. Cloud Storage is stored at the remote server at the different physical location and its services are provided by a hosting company. So they make sure data is available securely and all the time. Hence, you do not have to worry about the memory on your local device as it is taken care by Cloud and data is loaded from a remote server as and when required. To get more detail on Cloud storage, I recommend reading this article from Wikipedia.

Robin Smartphone;

 What is Cloud Smartphone and how Robin implemented it – 

Let me explain this smartphone with a feature; Unlimited memory. Feel surprised, yes it is true.  Robin Smartphone automatically manages memory of your device and intelligently store data on Cloud. So in short, it automatically moves apps, data, picture, video etc to Cloud storage when you are not using it and you can download it back anytime if you need. So you do not have to delete any app or data from your phone and you never run out of memory.It automatically back up and delete data only when you are connected to wi-fi and in charging mode. This setting is the default and you can always change it.

Lets see this introduction video from Robin Smartphone:


An internet connection is not required to delete apps or data, but it is required when you need to get your apps or data back to your phone from Cloud.This phone offer 32 GB of on phone disk and 100 GB of online Cloud storage.

Let’s see some of the other features of this SmartPhone:

  • Processor – Snapdragon 808.
  • Memory – 32 GB Phone; 100 GB online Cloud
  • Screen – 5.2″ 1080p
  • Camera – 13 MP back, 5 MP front (good enough for selfie)
  • Battery – 2680 mah, good enough for a day with single charge
  • Fingerprint sensor, NFC, GPS, weight 150 g (Same as iPhone 6 and Samsung S6)
  • Comes in both GSM and CDMA

Price:  It comes at the cost of $399 with charger. You have to buy other accessories separately like the scratch guard, A/C adapter, bumper case etc.

Where to buy – This phone can be ordered online. As there is no dealer or mediator for the company, they are able to keep the prices low.You can preorder it from here.The delivery will be done in Feb 2016.

Why this Phone is an important landmark – The future of any computing device like PC, phone etc will be cloud storage. This phone’s attempt to fully convert a smartphone to the cloud is first of its kind. From the user point of view, they are getting large memory with the cheapest cost. Nowadays we have app for almost everything. 16 GB or 32 GB may not be enough unless you yourself deletes apps from your phone. For the user, they can continue using any number of apps or data like pictures or videos without worrying about the space issue. For your other devices like PC, tablet etc. same Cloud storage will be applicable. In future, you do not have to worry about space on your device as your all data even operation system will be stored on Cloud.

I hope this post must have given you some basic idea about the cloud-based smartphone. Please do use the comment section and let me know if you would like to buy it.