Netflix in India. Is it Worth? [Infographic]

Netflix recently launched its services in India and other 126 countries. People are long waiting for it. As you know Netflix is a video streaming service to show serial, movies, documentaries etc. Let’s see how much it cost in India.



It starts with 500 INR a month and you can pay by credit card or Paypal. Netflix has over 35000 collections of movies, TV shows, and others. Netflix also started producing own serials. Here is a link to buy its subscription.



How to Watch?

If you have a smart TV and Netflix is inbuilt in it,  you do not need anything else. If you have a normal TV, you can use Chromecast, Roku or Amazon TV to cast Netflix from your phone, PC or tab. Also, you can always use iPhone and Android Netflix apps to watch it on Tablet and mobile devices.

Is It Worth? My take-

  • Internet Speed – In India, we still have high charges for unlimited internet connection with Broadband. They do provide a broadband connection (more than 2 Mbps) but after a certain usage (Like BSNL reduces speed to 520 kbps after 20 GB) they reduce the speed unless you purchase a costly package (more than 3000 INR per month).

On an average, you need at least 360 GB to total monthly bandwidth a month, if you watch Netflix 4 hrs a day for HD connection. For ultra HD view, you need more bandwidth. In the current scenario, it is not possible unless, Internet providers comes with some customized package with Netflix in mind. It will take time, though.

The second thing is Netflix competition with local cable TV and Dish TV provider. Netflix kept the initial price as 500 INR which is more than cable TV. Netflix has to bring more Indian content to sustain this competition. Also in India, where people do not like to purchase and download pirated movie; It is not easy to stay in the competition.


Unless internet infrastructure is improved, we cannot say if Netflix will become a hit. Netflix can also get into a partnership with some internet provider for a customized package. Who knows Netflix will be included in Free basics from Facebook.

[stextbox id=”info”]My personal recommendation is, do not buy Netflix package unless you have a good enough Internet bandwidth. Calculate your usage of internet and then buy accordingly. [/stextbox]Let me know what you think about the launch of Netflix in India? Will you buy it?

  • Hello Ravi

    Excellent post. You have rightly pointed out that non-availability of internet and poor speed are two roadblocks to enjoy netflix in India. But still, let’s have our fingers crossed and enjoy hollywood movies with popcorn buckets.

  • Worst thing I found out about Netflix India was, I am not able to access all the services as they provide in US. The charges are exactly the same as US market. Even some of the Netflix’s original content ‘House of Cards’ and hit Sitcoms like HIMYM and FRIENDS is not available which can actually catch the attention of Indian mass. Scaling themselves at international platform and providing all the services, its a really bad decision.

  • I am now not sure where that you are taking your facts, yet great matter. We should take some time discovering a great deal more or realizing much more artificial eyes pune. We appreciate you fantastic info I used to be seeking this information in my quest.

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