MilesWeb Review – Best WordPress Hosting in India

Bloggers in India has different requirement for their WordPress Hosting. I am going to review MilesWeb Which is a the best Managed WordPress Hosting and show you how it can help you to become a successful blogger.


If you are reading this post, it means you are looking for a reliable WordPress hosting in India. I am going to discuss how MileWeb provide you everything you need to setup your new blog or migrate it from other hosting.

It is the perfect solution for Indian bloggers with tons of feature. I will provide my honest feedback and also opinion from other bloggers.

So go on and finish the post.

What is the problem Indian Bloggers are facing?

So Indian bloggers have different demand and requirements. Let's see what is the real issue they are facing while selecting a WordPress hosting.


High Cost

Most of the bloggers in India are looking for less expensive WordPress hosting which can fits into their pocket. There are good but costly WordPress hosting available in the market which may not work for them


Free SSL and CDN

Most of the WordPress hosting which are offered in India at cheaper price do not have free SSL or CDN. You should and must have SSL to secure your blog and get better ranking in search engine


Help For Beginners

Most of the Indian bloggers are new and do not have sufficient technical knowledge of the WordPress hosting. They need a WordPress hosting which will help them with intial setup and also help them with migration from older hosting.


Anytime Support

Support is very important for WordPress hosting. For Indian bloggers first thing is to get alaways support during business ISt business hours. But 24*7 support is very important as a blogger want to work at their own time.


How To improve Website Speed

Website speed is very important. This will decide your blog's traffic and better search engine ranking. Indian bloggers sometime struggles to get this either because of cheap hosting or they could not afford CDN. It is a good idea if we can get this free with WordPress hosting.


Data Center Understanding

You need to understand if your audience is in India, you need to opt best WordPress hosting in India. It will help your audience to access your page quickly. Just becuse US data center is cheaper , you do not buy. Find where your audience is.

MilesWeb is an amazing WordPress Hosting for Indian bloggers!

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So How MilesWeb WordPress Hosting can help you

MilesWeb WordPress hosting is meant for Indian bloggers. It has tons of features which suits Indian bloggers. I am going to discuss all its features in details and how it can impact you to have better business and growth. If you are interest in Business hosting, you must try it.

Benefits Of MilesWeb

Managed WordPress Hosting

Fully managed WordPress hosting. It includes free WordPress install, server optimized for WordPress, WordPress updates and all server management work.


Free WordPress Migration

MilesWeb provides you free migration from your existing website. It provides you all the technical support in case of any issues.


Fast Performance

Speed is very important for your blog. MilesWeb has SSD servers which will improve performance and faster page loading.

Anytime Support

Fully managed WordPress hosting. It includes free WordPress install, server optimized for WordPress, WordPress updates and all server management work.


Technical Support

MilesWeb provides you free migration from your existing website. It provides you all the technical support in case of any issues.


Free Domain

MilesWeb provides you free domain with their web hosting till you maintain hosting with them. It is a biggest plus with MilesWeb


Data center choice

MilesWeb provides you option to select data center as per you needs. You can select either US or India. For Indian bloggers, it is a good option to choose Indian data center.

free app

Tons of free App to install

MileWeb provides of many free apps to supercharge your blog like cube cart, phpBB, Prestashop, Drupal, Oxwall and many more


100% Reliable

MilesWeb has 100% reliability in service. It has 99.99% uptime and always provides you technical support in case of downtime.

Comparison of Siteground and MilesWeb



WordPress Hosting package starts from 300 Rupees a month

WordPress Hosting package will be as low as 60 rupees a month

No Free domain with every package

Free Domain with their web hosting package

Support is only in English

Support is available in local language like Hindi, Marathi including English

Limited Bandwidth based on the package

Unlimited bandwidth

Free Website migration and technical support

Free Website migration and technical support

WordPress Caching is only available in advanced packages

Caching is available with all the packages


Do MilesWeb offers only WordPress Hosting?

How is the technical support in MilesWeb 

How do I migrate my existing site to MilesWeb?

Do I get free domain?

How hard it is to setup blog with MilesWeb?

What is the mode of payment?

What Users are Saying About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is a relatively big player on the Indian subcontinent. It stands out as a large hosting provider, capable of covering almost any requirements. 

Nermin Hajdarbegovic,

MilesWeb is a really good web hosting provider and it is really done well in my tests. So, it’s a good web hosting provider for your business.

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How Much Milesweb Cost?

This is the most important part of the MilesWebHosting; the cost. This is the inexpensive web hosting you will find it in India. The WordPress hosting starts at only 60 rupees per month and goes upto 285 rupees based on the package.

With every package, you will get 1 free domain with their web hosting package, SSD storage Free SSL, free email accounts and many more.

Have a look at the WordPress Hosting packages from MilesWebHosting.

Also, remember all packages comes with 30 days money back policy; in case you are not happy, you will get full refund.

Milesweb package india

MilesWeb Hosting discount and coupons

MilesWeb is offering attractive discounts and coupons. You can get up to 50% discount on hosting and free domain name. Please find below discounts and coupons on MilesWeb.


Coupon Code - ROCKET


With Unlimited hosting


Coupon Code - WP50

MilesWeb also offers a generous affiliate program and offers good commission. They offer commission from 30%-50% based on number of referral. You can join their affiliate program here.

I truly loved the support from their affiliate manager regarding support offered from them and generous coupons.

Please do write to me if you are planning to buy MilesWeb, I can arrange nice discounts for you.

My Experience With MilesWeb Affiliate Program

I had an amazing experience with affiliate program of MilesWeb. They offer 1000 Rupees just for joining the affiliate program.

Some of the highlights of the MilesWeb affiliate program

  • 30% commission for 1-3 sales a month and can go upto 50% for 7+ sales
  • 1000 Rupees bonus just for joining the affiliate program
  • Commission paid directly to affiliates to their bank using NEFT or Paypal 
  • Commission are paid after every 30 days
  • Attractive banners and materials to promote MilesWeb Hosting

Best Way To Promote MilesWeb Affiliate

Join MilesWeb Affiliate Program

Promote MilesWeb program and earn thousand of rupees per week.

Affiliate Testimonials 

affiliate testimonial MilesWeb

Conclusion about Milesweb Hosting

With the price and feature MilesWebHosting is offering, I would recommend it to every serious WordPress blogger. It will take your blog to next level with minimal cost.

With free domain, this is an amazing offer. I love the SSD storage at no cost, Free SSL, Free cache and tons of WordPress add ons.

I will highly recommend it to all WordPress blogger. Whether you are a newbie or experienced blogger, you must try MilesWeb.