Malcare Review And Giveaway – Secure your WordPress Blog

Today in this post, I am going to review Malcare, a WordPress Malware Protection tool to secure your WordPress Blog. There is a Malcare Pro giveaway at the end of this post for 3 lucky winners.


What is Malware?

WordPress attack has been increased recently. There are two types of attack; Hacking and Malware.

Hacking means some gains access to your Web hosting, WordPress or FTP access to your server and then do whatever they want.

Hacking can spread from your laptop/desktop to the web hosting. Hacking will happen when security at your machine is vulnerable.

Malware occurs because of the vulnerability in WordPress, Themes, Plugin or any part of WordPress blog. Sometime it also spread because of shared hosting where because of one affected blog.

People lose money, time, and data because of these attacks. But thank you with so many tools available in the market to detect and prevent it. Malcare is one of such tool and I am going to discuss it.

How To secure Your wordpress blog Infographics

How Is WordPress Affected Because Of Malware

You will face a lot of problems if your blog is affected with Malware. Some of the top issues will be:

Damage Reputation

An attack with Malware may result in google blacklisting your website or blog. Google and other search engine start showing your blog as harmful and it may damage your reputation as a blogger.

Slow Website

Malware often eats up resource on your blog and make it slower. It leads to bad user experience and your audience will slowly start moving away from your blog

Data Loss

Most of the time Malware will end up deleting important or all of the data from the WordPress. It includes tables, blog post, images and other important data.

How Malcare Can Help You

Malcare is one of the security plugins for WordPress, which do a lot of task for you in the background and keep your blog safe. 

It scans and remove the malware 24*7 and also includes a backup of WordPress blog daily. The best part is copying the content of your blog to its own server and then scan for Malware and hence your blog is never overloaded.

Lets summarize the features of Malcare:

Malware Detection And Removal

Malcare Helps you to detect Malware early and helps you to remove it. The moment you change anything on your wordpress blog, the scanning will start. You can also scan your blog on request.

After scan it will also remove the malware or you can remove it manually. This will help you scan and remove malware before google blacklist your blog.

Protection With Different Kind Of Attacks

Malcare protects you from different kinds of attack like brute force login attack, MySQL attacks, disable file editor and many more.

kinds of attack malcare

You have the option to choose standard and advanced setting to manipulates the type of prevention you need.


Malcare scan your blog on their own server. They never scan file from your web hosting. So It will never increase the load on your WordPress blog and keep it lightweight.

Automatic Backup

If you have Malcare, you do not have to buy any separate service for WordPress backup. It has inbuilt backup and recovery option. 

Malcare backup and recovery

You have the option to maintain a history of backup, with auto-restore option. You can also download a backup or restore it on the test environment.

How Much It Cost?

Malcare comes in two version; Malware scan only and one with scan plus backup. Personal edition start at $99/year without backup. For protection with backup cost $149/year.

Malcare price

Comparison With Other Plugin





Malware scan

Scans never overload your server

Scan happens on your web hosting increase load

Scan happens on your web hosting increase load

Inbuilt Backup andRecovery

Option Available

Option not Available

Option not Available

Customer Support

Available 24*7

May take some hour to respond

May take some hour to respond


Starts at $59/Year

Starts at $99/Year

Starts at $59/Year

Giveaway Time

I am giving away 3 Pro package of Malcare in this giveaway. You just need to subscribe my blog on social media and you could be one of the winners. 

Date12:00AM 19th February 2018 — 11:59PM 1st March 2018

Winners - There will be 3 lucky winner with one premium package of Malcare. Winners will be announced on this page. Come back on Mar 2, 2018 to see the winner.

Over To You

As a blogger, it is your responsibility to protect your brand and your data. Malware attack is so common nowadays and you have to make sure there is a security plugin to take care of this task in the background.

Malcare is created for it. It scans and removes the malware from your blog and keep it safe. It has backup and staging area which makes it special.

I would love to know your thoughts about Malcare and how you protect your blog?